Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years or 3 days after

The little girl is getting so very active. She sits by herself and will play for long periods of time. She has a little cold right now, but is still happy. On Sunday Dec. 28th she ate her first graham cracker. She has also had squash, sweet peas, carrots and sweet pototoes. She eats her cereal most of the time. We finalized her adoption Dec. 30th with Judge Reich at the Burleigh County Courthouse at 11:30. Our lawyer Mike Geierman said it is like her second birthday. Those in attendance were Adam, Tyler, Sannes' 5, mom and dad, Norris and Muriel, Tyler and Norita, Grandma Kouba, The Lucks and their 7, Esther and Sean, and us. So 25 people to celebrate with us. The proceedings took very little time, and I messed up our anniversary and the day we got her, but the didn't hold it against me. I know all of our relatives were thinking about us. The trip up was awefull. Snow was blowing and it was a complete white out most of the way. Mom and dad stayed in Bismarck the night before so they wouldn't be stuck at home. This meant Aunt Arlene couldn't go with since they couldn't get a hold of her in time.

After waiting for 45 minutes we go to eat at Olive Garden, and it was so very good. i celebrated with a glass of wine, and Karady was so very good. Sat in a high chair and played and sucked from a straw for the first time. There were 17 eating with us. OF course we got lots of pictures. I had Brucetta and Gnocci and chicken veronese. and of course breadsticks and salad. It was so worth the wait.



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