Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tummy Troubles

We had a normal night last evening. Or so I thought. Karady started out with some runny poops, that required her to get into her jammies by 6. She ate very little, except of course the cheese, which she loves. She was kind of clingy, but she had just gotten her flu shot. WE had 4 confirmed cases in the clinic yesterday, so I called public health and got her in for it. She did so well. Didn't even cry. She is almost 26 pounds. She gained 4 pounds in 4 months. I don't think she has gotten much taller.

So anyway she got back up into her chair to eat with us, which she always does. She had a few noodles. Then she got this funny look on her face and up came an enormous amount of stuff. I couldn't believe that her tummy could hold that much. Poor thing. She didn't cry though. Luckily she was in her high chair, and the tray caught most of it. So back to the tub she went. THat is 3 baths in 2 days for her. She acted more normal, but I gave her pedialyte to drink instead of her milk. THen she had a little ice cream. She went to be on time and slept the night, with no more incidents of vomit.

THis morning I stayed away from the milk again and she gobbled down her toast. We went to daycare, and it seems that 2 other children had the same thing last night, but threw up more. 1 came to daycare today, and one did not. Must be a short lived bug. But it was a first for LULU. She has been so healthy.

We are excited to go to Cassie party tonight. I don't know who is more excited, me or Nolan. I know there will be good food. That will be our supper, because then we go to the ambulance meeting.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lulu never ceases to amaze me with the new things she does every day. She can tell us when she wants something, climbs up on chairs, and tables, she says peoples names now, and the kitty sound. SHe also makes a duck sound that sounds more like she has something in her throat. she gives me kisses and hugs, and wants to wrap her babies in blankets and drag them around. She also knows when she is ready for bed.

Speaking of bed last night she had her bath like normal, and she was dressed in her jammies, all ready to go. I didn't let the water out of the tub right away. Don't know why, I usually do. She was toddling around and threw a bib in the water. I got it out and turned around to put her bath towel in the tub. THen I heard her cry. When I went into the bathroom, here she was sitting in the bathtub full of water with her jammies on, grinning from ear to ear. I figure she went in head first with her arms out, and then sat down. I couldn't believe it. I of course grabbed for the camera right away. So off we went again to get on dry clothes and a dry diaper.

I am putting clothes that are too small away every day, and pulling out new ones to wear. She still is so skinny, pants are interesting to find that fit. We are wearing long sleeves for the past 2 weeks. Not sure if the short sleeves will ever come out again. We have an inch of snow on the ground from yesterday, and more coming, along with freezing rain. It is supposed to warm up for the weekend. NOlan has cut zero wood so far, so he figures he may need a snuggy to wear for the basement. It does come with the free booklight though.

Well thats all for now.





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