Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well we have had a busy month since Karady turned 2.
First we went to visit my sister in Duluth for 4 days, and go to see so many things we have always wanted to, but never had time to. We ate pie at an awesome pie place also, thanks for the recommendation Kris. We also got rained on for a few days, and scared the crap out of Karady when the ships blew their horns. We also saw Split ROck Lighthouse, and gave Karady a few dips in the pool. She is a crazy women when it comes to water.

Norris, Muriel, Ross and I also took the pontoon over to Perry KNight for 7.77 seafood feast. Ross was calling Norris Claws by the time we were done, because of all of the crab he ate. It cost us each 77 cents for all that wonderful seafood. We plan to go again in July. I had to taunt Nolan a bit, and I took a picture of my plate full of crab, and sent it to him. He called me a not so nice name. he was jealous. So he will make sure he gets to ride the tuna boat over next time.

Karady and I spent one weekend at the pool with the Sannes' also. She has so much fun in the water. She also loves the big water slide. With Jack's help she climbs up and then I catch her at the bottom. I am afraid that the baby pool won't satisfy her any more. She is tanning to easily, and she has wonderful color. I hope she always loves the water.

Next was the 4th of July. Karady had a blast picking up candy at the parade. We actually started our celebration on the 3rd with the parade, eating at the church and the yearly BBQ at the Sannes'. In the 5+ years we have been doing this, Nolan has never had to leave for a ambulance run. THis year it was nuts. Our one night of fireworks turned out to be 3, because he got called our every night. Finally on the 5th, we decided to finish up, and he got called again. His buddy Travis took the transfer so we could finish. It was some late nights, but it was so much fun. Of course Nolan is like a kid in a candy store with fireworks, but Memory was good to us this year, and we all pitched in to have an awesome display.

Nolan moved Karady's sandbox to the old garden by her swingset. This in turn freed up some space. I of course thought we should create a new flower bed. Why do I do create more work for my self?? Because I love it!!! Muriel and I went on a garden walk to 3 places in Bismarck. We rode the transit bus with the extension agency and we got lunch and our ride for 10 bucks. We had such a good time, and saw some beautiful, huge gardens. One place I know has over an acre of just flower beds. I got some great ideas, and am going to try some plants I have never had before. So last weekend we all went to Bismarck and bought the brick, and I flower shopped for perrineals. Menards had lots of good plants for 4 bucks a piece. I was like a kid in a candy store. I hope they all survive. NOlan and I moved the dirt and put it into our new bed, so now all I have to do is plant it. We got some hail last night, but it really didn't affect my new unplanted fare, or my garden. Some places near us had up to baseball size hail. We have really had lots of bad weather this year.

On sunday the 11th, 16 of us rode the motorcycles down to Bob's resort in Gettysburg, Sd for steak. They have great food, and the hugest steaks. The show the Great Outdoors comes to mind when Nolan got his roast, I mean steak. I was bout as big as 2 of my fists. He of course couldn't finish it all, but we took the rest home in a doggy bag. I was a wonderful ride. I was kind of worried about getting rained on, but it just spit a little. My back did well, and I think I am ready for the Sturgis ride. We got to know some new people we don't usually hang around.

Well that's what has been happening here.



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