Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well not much new going on in our lives. Karady is sassy, and very independent. She definately knows what she wants. She loves to stroll, which we have done a few times.

Nolan has been working overtime on getting an air ambulance service off the ground. He wants to do flight so bad. The board meets tonight to decide. Pray that they make the right decision.

I have been scrappin a little hear and there. I am getting a sitter Friday and Saturday so I can do just that.

We went to Duluth for Easter and for TOm's 40th bday party. We stayed at an awesome hotel. I will post pictures later. There was a huge waterslide park. Karady had a blast. We did too!! She went down some of the little water slides and was head first by the time she was at the bottom, but she didn't even bat an eye, and she wanted to go again. We dyed eggs, and had an egg hunt at Kris'. Thanks for all of your hard work.The party was fun. They had ROck Band there. Karady was the dancer on the stage. I even sang a few songs. THe kids had a blast with it. Kris got a new living room. It is goergous.

Well getting busy again. SO I will say gooodbye.





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