Friday, October 22, 2010


Just last week Karady starting asking "WHY??" I have to stop my self from saying "Because I said so." This morning she said "I want to stay home". I told her oh honey we can't, mommy has to work so she can buy you hotdogs and noodles! She kind of gave me a funny look.

It is a georgous day out there today. Norris and Muriel took off this past Tuesday. We will miss them. It hasn't seemed to phase Ray too much. She asks about them every once in a while. Like if she wants someone, beside me to do something for her, then their names come up. I think she is teething, because she has her fingers in her mouth frequently. She bit at daycare again yesterday, but went potty 2 times for JoAnn. She goes when it is convient for her. I think I am going to start a sticker chart. We have been doing M & M's for treats when she goes, but then when I say treat, she acts like a dog and crawls around on the floor. She is so funny. Maybe I need to call them snacks.

I think we might try to go to the Playoff game tomorrow for football. It will be in the afternoon. I will see if I can get her down for an early nap.

Next week it looks like the weather is going to really change. Highs in the 30's and rain and snow. We don't have much to complain about though, because we have had a great fall. We have a dermatology appointment next Thursday, so hopefully it won't be too bad. I have to get some halloween treats for the trick or treaters. Karady is going as a flower this year. WE weren't sure we were going to be around for it, but Nolan doesn't have to go to Spearfish now, so we will be home.

Well I will update again soon.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update Sept and October

Hello all.

We have been very busy. Karady continues to say lots of words and puts like 3 to 4 together. She knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it. Phrases like "Don't like that", and "cuz", and "me" are heard every day, all day. "Karady, why did you do that?" "cuz". ANd "Karady put your shoes on", "Me?". She is so funny. She loves to be outside, and hates to come in. SHe has quite an imagination also. She serves me drinks and food in the bathroom while I am getting ready for work. She still has quite a time going to bed. I have learned to guage her moods and start later than usual.

September 15th I had a Hysterectomy. They left my ovaries and she wrapped them in something so they wouldn't get adhesions. I got out on the 17th, after 3 hours in surgery and an open procedure. I was quite a mess, and lots of pain postop. When they finally gave me a pain pump, I was very happy. I had them put me on an antibiotic so I wouldn't get an infection. 3 days out, I reacted to the steri strips, and 10 days after taking my antibiotic, I developed an allergic reaction. I was away from home, and I developed hives and the day I was to return home I woke up to huge lips. I was a little freaked out. I was so hopped up on Benedryl I barely slept all weekend. When I got home I went to the ER and they have me more Benedryl, a steriod and a Ativan shot to help me sleep. Oh what a trip. My recovery otherwise was very good. I slept a lot and read loads of books. I LOVE to read, so that was right up my alley. Karady has been very good. She saw my owee on my tummy and so she understands why I can't pick her up. She also understands that I can't chase her around either. I have had good help with my in-laws and of course my husband and the Sannes have taken Karady to play so mommy can rest. Thanks for all the flowers, cards, and visits in the hospital, and the food people brought. My parents surprised me and visited the day of surgery. That really meant a lot to me. I hear I was quite colorful when I came up from recovery. It's amazing how pain can make you go crazy.

So I returned to work on the 4th, after almost 3 weeks off. I had a light week, and then I went full bore this week. I get very tired at the end of the day if I have had a busy day. I will be so happy to have my endurance back. Everyone tells me I won't miss my uterus.

We had some awesome fires last weekend. It was so nice out. Aunt Jenenne and Cousin Deran were here for a visit. Karady really shined up to them both.

The weekend I was away scrapbooking Karady and Nolan attended Dylan's birthday at the pumpkin patch. It sounds like they had a great time. I am sorry I had to miss it. I am also sorry I missed my dad getting on the little pony, then not being able to get off! We visited the patch again to meet the BM and Karady had fun. It was a long day of my Dr's appointment with Dr. Bradley and a flu shot for Ray. Ray got to climb on the bales and she got hay in her diaper and couldn't stop itching!!

Also the end of august we had a wonderfu visit from Su YOung and Yuni from California. Su was our exchange student in 2002. WE had a great time. We took them to the zoo with charlie and Tammi and they really enjoyed themselved. Su was very upset we didn't call her when we were in San Diego. It seems she is just 2 hours from there. Next time!! she wants Tammi and I to come and visit.

Well just a short update for you !@@

Monday, August 9, 2010

There's Rumbling in the Hills

Well I am blogging from the beautiful Black Hills. We left on Friday. Our trip was pretty uneventful until we got like 2 hours out of our destination. We came across a ruckus on the side of the road. All we could see is a bike in the ditch, and a guy walking around with blood on his head. We were like 3rd on scene. So of course we stopped. On further examination, there was also a lady in the ditch on her side. When I approached the lady in the ditch, there was a bystander there with her, and she said she was dead. She tried to do CPR on her, by there was so much blood coming back at her. The driver of the cycle was walking around and in lots of distress. He was pretty calm, but the more time passed the more agitated he became. He just kept saying "I killed my fiance." It seems there bike blew a back tire and the bike flipped and tossed them both off. She was wearing a helmet, but only a small one. We waited for Phillip and Wall ambulance to arrive and tried to keep him calm. Another bystander and I picked up the paraphanelia of his and stuffed it into the trailer that he was pulling. THe highway patrol showed up and asked us a lot of questions, but we didn't witness anything. Sounded like the ambulance was pretty busy at the time. We felt pretty useless because we had no gear. We helped load the guy in the ambulance and went on our merry way. Well it wasn't so merry anymore. It seems there have been 3 accidents prerally so far from the same reason of loss of pressure to the rear wheel. Brings things really into perspective.

So Karady is home with my parents. She has been dancing and swimming. Last night I talked to her on the phone for like 20 minutes. She wouldn't get off. We put her in to lessons for swimming today, but she wouldn't go in with a stranger. SO we will try again next year. We thought she might benefit from them. She is having fun, but we really miss her.

It was hot again here today. Jack and Cindy come tonight. Blaine, Amanda, and Adam tomorrow, and Clay and Shayna on Wednesday. We kind have had rain on and off at least once during the day. I have seen a little skin here, not too much yet. A few pasties, a few chaps and short shorts, garters and lace. ANything goes.

Well more later this week.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today was are laying Katie to eternal rest at 1:30 pm. I took the cowards way out, and had my in-laws take her to the vet. THanks so much, that means so much to me. Katie has gone into a downward spiral lately. She has been having accidents all over the house, so I fashioned doggy diapers for her, from baby diapers, and took her to the vet. Dr. M. put her on antibiotics, but after two weeks, she hasn't gotten any better. We also learned she has a heart murmur. She has gotten to where she won't eat her hard dog food, or take her treats. So I bought her canned food. She eats so little, and she it wasting away. She makes no effort to even go to the door to go outside, and she just sleeps all day. She is just existing. She has been throwing up quite often also. Since we are leaving for vacation on Friday, we feel it is time. I don't want my mom to have to deal with a dying dog. I keep asking Nolan if we are doing the right thing. He assures me we are. She is 13 1/2, which is 91 in human years. She had a good life, but it is still extremly hard. I cry a lot. Nolan built her a nice pine box, and I lined it with one of Karady's small ducky bath towels. She will be buried this evening with a pigs ear and a picture of her family. We plan to put her in the backyard in front of the windmill.

On a lighter note, we have been very busy since I last posted. Karady, Muriel and Norris made a sudden trip to Richardton a few weeks ago to help my mom and dad put up a shed. Karady got to play with Dylan, and they had a great time. We also attended a wedding this past weekend for a girl Muriel babysat for. Karady only made it 20 minutes in church, before we went out. She was gearing up to dance all night I guess. SHe danced from 6:00 during supper, until after 11:00. She was so cute. If I had a buck for everytime someone took her picture, I would be rich. The next day there was music at the Nursing Home picnic we attended with Grandma Dorothy. When the music started, she looked at me and immediately wanted to get down. Then like a moth to a flame, she drifted to the front and danced for everyone. You know what they say "Dance like there's no one watching". And she does. I hope she always loves to dance.

I think that was figured out that "MiMi", is Karady's evil twin. If you ask if she did something naughty, she says, no Mimi did it. Mimi sure is busy. She is really putting more and more words together. She loves her books, and she sits and reads them for hours. I have been teaching her to pray. We pray for people. She folds her little hands and names off everyone she can think of. When we were praying at the wedding, I told her to fold her hands, and then she started to say names. I laughed. She doesn't forget a thing.

A group of us took the tuna boat over the casino two weeks ago for the Seafood Spectacular. Nolan's Aunt and Uncle from Columbus came and spent the weekend with us. NOlan learned he can no longer eat crab though, because of the butter, I think. It was very good. None of us won much money, but I came back a few pounds heavier. We are shooting for the September cruise also. It is a nice time to get away.

Well that's all for now. We will spend August 6th to the 15th in SD for the Ralley. I am taking Karady and Pacey to Richardton Thursday evening. We will miss her. She will have fun though. Type to you when we get back!!



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well we have had a busy month since Karady turned 2.
First we went to visit my sister in Duluth for 4 days, and go to see so many things we have always wanted to, but never had time to. We ate pie at an awesome pie place also, thanks for the recommendation Kris. We also got rained on for a few days, and scared the crap out of Karady when the ships blew their horns. We also saw Split ROck Lighthouse, and gave Karady a few dips in the pool. She is a crazy women when it comes to water.

Norris, Muriel, Ross and I also took the pontoon over to Perry KNight for 7.77 seafood feast. Ross was calling Norris Claws by the time we were done, because of all of the crab he ate. It cost us each 77 cents for all that wonderful seafood. We plan to go again in July. I had to taunt Nolan a bit, and I took a picture of my plate full of crab, and sent it to him. He called me a not so nice name. he was jealous. So he will make sure he gets to ride the tuna boat over next time.

Karady and I spent one weekend at the pool with the Sannes' also. She has so much fun in the water. She also loves the big water slide. With Jack's help she climbs up and then I catch her at the bottom. I am afraid that the baby pool won't satisfy her any more. She is tanning to easily, and she has wonderful color. I hope she always loves the water.

Next was the 4th of July. Karady had a blast picking up candy at the parade. We actually started our celebration on the 3rd with the parade, eating at the church and the yearly BBQ at the Sannes'. In the 5+ years we have been doing this, Nolan has never had to leave for a ambulance run. THis year it was nuts. Our one night of fireworks turned out to be 3, because he got called our every night. Finally on the 5th, we decided to finish up, and he got called again. His buddy Travis took the transfer so we could finish. It was some late nights, but it was so much fun. Of course Nolan is like a kid in a candy store with fireworks, but Memory was good to us this year, and we all pitched in to have an awesome display.

Nolan moved Karady's sandbox to the old garden by her swingset. This in turn freed up some space. I of course thought we should create a new flower bed. Why do I do create more work for my self?? Because I love it!!! Muriel and I went on a garden walk to 3 places in Bismarck. We rode the transit bus with the extension agency and we got lunch and our ride for 10 bucks. We had such a good time, and saw some beautiful, huge gardens. One place I know has over an acre of just flower beds. I got some great ideas, and am going to try some plants I have never had before. So last weekend we all went to Bismarck and bought the brick, and I flower shopped for perrineals. Menards had lots of good plants for 4 bucks a piece. I was like a kid in a candy store. I hope they all survive. NOlan and I moved the dirt and put it into our new bed, so now all I have to do is plant it. We got some hail last night, but it really didn't affect my new unplanted fare, or my garden. Some places near us had up to baseball size hail. We have really had lots of bad weather this year.

On sunday the 11th, 16 of us rode the motorcycles down to Bob's resort in Gettysburg, Sd for steak. They have great food, and the hugest steaks. The show the Great Outdoors comes to mind when Nolan got his roast, I mean steak. I was bout as big as 2 of my fists. He of course couldn't finish it all, but we took the rest home in a doggy bag. I was a wonderful ride. I was kind of worried about getting rained on, but it just spit a little. My back did well, and I think I am ready for the Sturgis ride. We got to know some new people we don't usually hang around.

Well that's what has been happening here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Karady!!

We celebrated BIG yesterday for MEME's (that what she calls herself)2nd, or if you ask her, her third birthday. WE had good food, and we had so much fun with all of our guests. THank you everyone for the great gifts!! Hard to believe she is 2 already!!

She spent the rest of the evening playing in her mud makin' set (only with water though), and with her new dolly's. She is such a little mommy. She fell asleep in her swing while Uncle Blaine was pushing her. She slept until 6:30. So needless to say she was up until late. But it was a good day, and it was HER day.

Happy Birthday Baby!!!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Busy times.

I have been laid up with my back. It comes and goes, but it is pretty painful again. I am in PT and it has helped. I swear to God Karady knows I can't maneuver very well, and so she squirms all over the place for diaper changes and clothes changes. Which brings me to my title.

Karady is well on her way in her terrific two's. She is so independent, and won't allow you to help her at all. When she sets her mind to something, you can't change it. I told Nolan she is just like him. Mornings are a struggle to get out the door. It seems like she is throwing a fit most of the time. I can see that going out to eat with her will be optional any more. We went to the Bayside to eat on Sunday, and she had a few fits. THe food was good. We are glad to see it open again. Karady is referring to herself as MEME. YOu ask her what her name is and it's MEME. MEME is a challenging little girl. Lord give me strength.

We completed her swingset. She has so much fun on it. She loves the slide, and she swings until she gets dizzy. It is a challenge to get her to come in for the evening, and she loves to wander all over the yard, and into the neighbors. A fence is looking pretty good right now.

My mom just had cataract surgery. She says it went well. I pray she has good results, and so she can read again. SHe is set to have the other eye done soon after, if she has good results with the first.

Well I have all my flowers, but with the back thing going on, I haven't done anything with them. Also there is wood yet in my beds, so planting has not been done yet. Maybe this weekend, if I go slow. I spent most of the day in bed last Thursday, because that is all I could do.

Karady's vocabulary is progressing rapidly. NOw she says "yep, or Nope". Crazy how fast they learn sland. She still loves her babies, and I catch her soothing them and kissing them. She is also very sassy, and loves drama. How do they learn these things??

We visited Grandma Dorothy in Strasburg for her 98th Birthday on the 8th. she looked good. Jenenne and Don came from Montana too. We had them for supper then that night. We ate cake and icecream with grandma. Karady loved the sugar high.

I want to say how sorry we are we couldn't attend Meilee's dance recital. WE hear it was very good. I will be looking for pictures. We truly enjoyed last years.

Well so much for all of that.



Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well not much new going on in our lives. Karady is sassy, and very independent. She definately knows what she wants. She loves to stroll, which we have done a few times.

Nolan has been working overtime on getting an air ambulance service off the ground. He wants to do flight so bad. The board meets tonight to decide. Pray that they make the right decision.

I have been scrappin a little hear and there. I am getting a sitter Friday and Saturday so I can do just that.

We went to Duluth for Easter and for TOm's 40th bday party. We stayed at an awesome hotel. I will post pictures later. There was a huge waterslide park. Karady had a blast. We did too!! She went down some of the little water slides and was head first by the time she was at the bottom, but she didn't even bat an eye, and she wanted to go again. We dyed eggs, and had an egg hunt at Kris'. Thanks for all of your hard work.The party was fun. They had ROck Band there. Karady was the dancer on the stage. I even sang a few songs. THe kids had a blast with it. Kris got a new living room. It is goergous.

Well getting busy again. SO I will say gooodbye.



Thursday, March 25, 2010

A future Profession?? Hope not

Karady at Daycare lately has been quite busy. Busy even during naptime. When she is supposed to be sleeping it seems she strips off all her clothes and diaper, and primps her hair, and stares at herself in the mirror. She sleeps in JoAnn's bedroom, so JoAnn has caught her doing this almost every day. She hasn't peed the crib yet. I couldn't believe it. What a girl!!

We are heading to Duluth next week Friday for easter and other things. Kris is having a BBQ for us when we get there, and we are staying at THe Edge. It has an awesome waterslide park. We can't wait!!!

Also I noticed last weekend during one of Karady's fits, she has gotten in her 2nd year molar on the bottom left.

Well that's all for now.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well I can;t say for sure we have started potty training. I brought the chair out about a week ago. For a while Karady put her dolls in it and pushed them around the house, or she would sit on it fully clothed, she would stand on it to reach things. I asked Ray if she wanted to go potty, and so we started the circus of sitting on the potty trying to go. She has gone a few times in it. The other morning I put her on and she went, but then stood up and peed all over the floor. That reminds me have to stock up on Lysol wipes! NOw she always wants to sit on it to "poop". It seems too big for her, like she sinks into it too much. Now she wants to sit on it all the time. I don't know if she or I are ready for this.

We have been trying to teach Lu her name. If you ask her what her name is she says "Me". NOlan taught her to say her name the other day. It comes out like "Kar D". It really does sound pretty good. She won't say Nolan or my name. She also loves to repeat what you say, so we really have to watch what we say around her.

Karady has also learned the art of stalling when it is time to go to bed. If I tell her we need to get jammy's on, she will say "Poop" and run to the potty. Or she will say "Eat" and want a snack. Also this is prime time to start to play tea party with mommy. She is so funny.

NOt only does she play hide and seek with her hands, but she will put her hands over her eyes and say "R U" like Where are YOu? Tammi said her kids used to do this too. SO I don't know if she heard Tammi say this, or if she came up with that all on her own. Today when I was in the shower and she was eating breakfast with me in her high chair in the bathroom, she said "Mommy R U". Of course she couldn't see me because I was behind the curtain. I laughed so hard. What a girl. SHe is 21 months now, you know!!

Until next time>


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Congrats Cassie and Kameron

Some of our good friends had their baby today. Kynlee Jacalyn Plienis was born at 7:39. She looks very cute. Congrats guys. Can't wait to see her.

Karady and I came back from a trip with Tammi from Bemidji. We left Feb. 25th and came back on Sat. the 28th. We enjoyed going to the scrapbook store and shopping. I enjoy seeing Tammi's family. I think of them as my own. We had a nice relaxing few days. We brought Tammi's mom back with us for a visit. We had good roads. Thanks guys for taking us with you!!!

Well karady is getting her first haircut today. Her bangs need to be done, and maybe straighten it all out. She always looks like she got out of bed. I am hoping she will let Nolan hold her so I can get some good pictures. A non scrapbooker does not take pictures like a scrapbooker. I will post some pics later.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Arizona trip continuation

Well Karady finally decided to stop puking about 3 am. I had already checked out where we could take her if she wasn't getting any better. Neither one of us got much sleep. She was much better by morning, so we decided to stay with the original plan and make the trip to San Diego that day, then tour the next. That way Karady wouldn't be cooped up in a carseat very long. So we packed our bags and headed across the mountains over into California. It was a nice drive. We saw lots of sand and cactus. Those crazy people camp out in the sand dunes like we camp around the lake. Then they ride their SUV's and such around the sand all day. Instead of rolling hills, all you can see is rolling sand mounds. We drove very close to the border. ON the border there is a black fence to keep the two countries seperated, and I guess to keep the people contained on both sides. Of course not everyone abides by the rules, and therefore there are border patrol crawling the area as thick as flies.

So we arrived in San Diego and headed to our motel, which wasn't too far away from Sea World. It was late afternoon, and we decided to go eat on the ocean at Joe's Crab Shack. It was one of the places Nolan really wanted to try. Before we ate we walked down on the beach and got Karady's feet wet in the ocean. We also collected some sea shells. The sand was perfect. Soft and got into every part of your shoe. The oceaon was very cold. Some crazy people were surfing in the frigid water. Lots of people were running on the beach and rollerblading on the board walk. IF we would have had more time, I would have loved to walk out onto the pier.

We decided we better eat before it got too busy, so we did. It was beutiful looking out over the ocean. Karady charmed the waitresses and said hi to everyone who walked by. THe table had a whole in the center of it, in which a bucket was set into, and that where all your garbage was put. Nolan thought we could do that with our table at home. He had a bucket full of crab and other fish. He also got a bib to eat with. I had a fried platter, which included Calamari, which I had never had. It really had no taste, but was kind of rubbery. Everything was very good. I even had a drink with a gummy fish in it. we took home souveniers, some paid for, some not. The sun was setting on the Pacific ocean as we left, it was so beautiful.

Well Joe came back to visit Nolan after midnight. He had the runs numerous times, and then he finally threw up. After that he felt much better. Muriel also had both and ended up in bed the whole next day. She didn't even go to Sea World with us. Nolan was feeling like he could go with to Sea World so we found our way there. We saw so many neat things there. I got to touch a star fish and a bat ray, which is like the fish that killed the Australian guy, but these don't have barbs out the front of them. WE also saw the sea lion show and the Shamu show, which was the highlight of our stop. We stayed out of the splash zone. Karady watched the shows, but didn't pay too much attention. She liked to watch the pigeons the most. We bought some great souveniers and tried to take it all in. We didn't do any rides because Karady wasn't tall enough. WE walked I am sure 4 miles. Nolan was feeling tired, so Norris and I did the Arctic loop last near the end of the day while Nolan went to the van to rest. The whole visit was well worth it. Karady probably won't remember much of it, but I will. The neatest part was the sharks. You could walk under water through a tube, and they were all around you. By the time we were done it was getting to be closing time. It was a nice day, and Karady fell asleep in my arms as we left the park and were walking to the van. Since Muriel was sick we decided to stay another night in San Diego. Oh and it was not Shamu that killed the trainer in Florida. It was a different whale. All that happened 2 weeks after we were at Sea World, and they suspended shows for a while. I am so glad we got to see it.

Since we had the time, we decided to tour the air craft carrier Midway. Nolan really wanted to do it. It was neat. I am sure Nolan enjoyed it much more. It was hard to really see everything with a stroller, so we spent lots of time sitting and waiting for Daddy. We headed back to Arizona to relax and pack up our stuff. We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics, which was awesome.

Saturday we started out for the 2 1/2 hour drive back to the airport. We had lunch and then checked into the airport. After tearful goodbyes we got through security and waited to board. Once we did board it was very hot in the plane, until they could turn on the engines. The plane was packed on the way back also. Karady slept through take off again, and most of the flight. It was so sunny above the clouds, and then we had to descend into the dreary snow covered Tundra. Talk about culture shock. My brother picked us up at the airport and we had a wonderful supper made by Kristin, and Karady played with Taylor.

Sunday we left fairly early and met my parents in Bismarck to pick up the dogs. They were very happy to see us. It was Valentines day and we all went out for lunch at the ground round. Then it was time to go home and try to get back to normal.

On Monday the 15th of Feb. Karady went to Tammi's for the day. She went to play with Charlie again on the 16th, and then went to Bernice's for 3 days. Poor things schedule was all confused. She was very happy to get back to JoAnn's on Monday, and finally get back to normal.

We had a great trip and look forward to seeing Nolan's parents in the spring.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Away We GO

Hello all from sunny Arizona. We started our day yesterday at 1030 from Linton. WE drove to Fargo to take Allegiant 653 to AZ. We had Ok roads going to Fargo. It was blowing and the passing lane was drifted shut in many places. WE arrived in Fargo about 1330. WE ate at Olive Garden and then went to the mall to give Karady a chance to run around a little bit in the dinosaur play land. WE then headed to the airport to get ready to board our plane. WE got thru security and then waited 2 hours to get on the plane. Karady was kind of wild, being cooped up so much. Our plane was full to capacity. We left 15 minutes late because they had to deice the plane. SHe fell asleep during take off, and slept about an hour. Our total flight time was 2 1/2 hours. She entertained the grandpa across the aisle and the 2 ladies behind us. She was getting mad that she couldn't run around. She did stand in the aisle and lay a little bit. WE landed on time at 8 15 and she didn't even get scared. WE then made our way into the Phoenix/Mesa airport to pick up our luggage. Grandma and papa anderson were right in front waiting for us. They were very happy to see us. WE were very hungary so papa took us to Wendy's for a bite to eat. Then we started on our 2 hour drive to Yuma. Karady was very irritatd with sitting in her car seat the last 1/2 hour of our trip. When we got to papa's house she ran around for a while, and I finally got her to sleep at 2 am, which by the way is 3 am our time.

Today she slept till about 8 am. THen we ate and decided to tour the area. Papa and grandma rented a toyota Sienna van. YEs it is safe. We took the pass thru the Gila mountain range and telegraph pass to Wellton to check out where papa used to park for 7 years. Karady was less than thrilled about being in her carseat, and so we stopped to visit some of papa and grandmas friends. WE had cookies and got on the road again. THen we looked at all the fields of lettuce, cauliflower, and date trees, which look like palm trees. We saw cactus and lots of sand and dry terrain. We say some workers in the fields picking lettuce and boxing it to go to the stores. THey flood thru canals to irrigate their crops. WE saw lots of Karady's cousins. WE saw lots of RV's and some beautiful homes. It got over 70 degress today. NOlan wore shorts and Karady and I had on Carpis. We saw lots of poverty along with the nice homes too. THe buses bring the workers to the fields and they pull port a potties. behind the bus. Many workers have their green cards and they cross the border to work here. We are 10 mile from the Mexican border and there is border partrol racing around constanly. THe immigrants try to sneak across at night thur the desert.

WE decided to check out the local Walmart, which is just down the road from us. Karady decided to toss her lunch in the childrens section. Of course I had no wipes or extra clothes with me because it was going to be a quick trip. SO grandma bought her a new outfit for valetines and I bought a pack of wipes. She was good on the ride home, but when we got to the RV, she lost it again. ANd many times after that. She keeps things down for a 1/2 hour, then it all comes back up again. SHe had diarrhea once. She is very clingy . Nolan ran to get pedialyte and supplies. WE are just glad it didn't happen on the plane. We hope she it better tommorow.





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