Monday, July 6, 2009


Independence means a lot in our house lately. Lulu is getting more and more independent. She likes to help dress herself, and put her shoes on. The other day she had her nail clipper and was acting like she was going to trim her nails. She has yet to take off walking though.
She seemed to enjoy the parade on the 4th. I had to drive a float, so I only saw her from afar. We ate lunch at the church then she went to see GG in Strasburg while mommy and daddy went to the Derby. I kind of got fried, but it was a good Derby. The beer tasted good on such a hot day. Our good friend Kameron took 3rd. Yeah KAM. It was kind of more fun when you know someone in it. Then we had a pinic at the Sannes with grilled bugers and dogs and great salads and desserts. Then of course we had the fireworks. I think the boys outdo themselves every year. LULU was filthy and tired and had a bath and was in bed by 9:30. Next year she might be able to stay up and watch them. I ate way to much, but after my stomach emptied a little we broke out the margaritas and sipped cool raspberry slushes while we enjoyed the fireworks. WE finally concluded the show at 12:30.
Lulu was up bright and shiny ant 7:30 the next morning. We played a while and then she took a nap from 10 to 11, and mommy did too. Then we made plans to go to the pool with the Sannes'. WE got to the pool at 2:00. Lulu kept wanting to sit in the water, but she is too short. So she walked around the edge for a while. She climed out of her baby ring, so we tried another ring that we borrowed from a fellow Daycare kid, and she loved it. She is a maniac in the water. She has no fear. WE were at the pool then until it closed at 5 and made a date for the next Sunday when Tammi's family would also be in Linton from Bemidji. Lulu barely made it home before falling asleep. I changed her into dry clothes and she took a 2 hour nap. Then of course she didn't go to be until 10:30. I finally just laid her in her crib and she fell asleep on her own. it was worth it though. All of her Daycare buddies were at the pool with us at the same time.
Yesterday was my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday MOM!!!



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