Thursday, May 28, 2009

The beginning

Well today is the day exactly one year ago we got "the call". Can't believe we've come this far. Lots of ups and downs in the beginning, but I always say sometimes you have to walk through fire to get to where you want to be. Got my flowers all in last night, would like to get the toms and peppers in tonight.
Leaving for Fargo tomorrow. Want to stop at the mall quick and the SB store before we leave for Duluth. Long drive, wish us well. ONe more week and we are ONE.!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

WE have been at the Sannes' since Friday spending time here, and having a wonderful time. Karady had many firsts in the past few days. We started with supper on Thursday night, and she swang for the first time. Friday and Saturday we spent outside, mainly Saturday. Karady played in the sandbox, which she loved, and pushed a little tykes car all around the backyard. We got lots of pictures and video. She is getting such a nice tan. She has been such a good girl. SHe has been toughening up her skin with scratches and she tips over her car and has wrecks and gets right back up again and away she goes. Out next visit is scheduled for June 19th. She even has stood on the seat of her little car. I hope she isn't going to be a climber. Her dad has been in SD on a bike trip since Thursday and I have been sending him pictures via cell phone. I think he really misses her because he always wants me to put the phone up to her ear so he can talk to her. The Sannes' are going to let us borrow the car for the summer.
We went to one open house today. After we went to our house and she took a 1 1/2 nap, while I potted up some of my flowers. I saw there was a call from her BM on the caller ID, but no message.
Last night she had a bath with Charlie and once again she was all over the tub with her head under water laughing. No fear of water at all. She is just crazy.
We are mixing her milk about half and half now. I want to be done with formula before next weekend before we go to Duluth. Kris broke her toe, poor thing. That sucks.
Karady love the stairs at the Sannes'. We have to put up the gate otherwise up she goes. I let her crawl up them today, and she made it to the first landing in no time.
Karady has been getting up in the middle of the night, starting last Thursday. She just starts crying. So I hold her, and then she goes right to sleep.

WEll that's all.



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