Monday, August 9, 2010

There's Rumbling in the Hills

Well I am blogging from the beautiful Black Hills. We left on Friday. Our trip was pretty uneventful until we got like 2 hours out of our destination. We came across a ruckus on the side of the road. All we could see is a bike in the ditch, and a guy walking around with blood on his head. We were like 3rd on scene. So of course we stopped. On further examination, there was also a lady in the ditch on her side. When I approached the lady in the ditch, there was a bystander there with her, and she said she was dead. She tried to do CPR on her, by there was so much blood coming back at her. The driver of the cycle was walking around and in lots of distress. He was pretty calm, but the more time passed the more agitated he became. He just kept saying "I killed my fiance." It seems there bike blew a back tire and the bike flipped and tossed them both off. She was wearing a helmet, but only a small one. We waited for Phillip and Wall ambulance to arrive and tried to keep him calm. Another bystander and I picked up the paraphanelia of his and stuffed it into the trailer that he was pulling. THe highway patrol showed up and asked us a lot of questions, but we didn't witness anything. Sounded like the ambulance was pretty busy at the time. We felt pretty useless because we had no gear. We helped load the guy in the ambulance and went on our merry way. Well it wasn't so merry anymore. It seems there have been 3 accidents prerally so far from the same reason of loss of pressure to the rear wheel. Brings things really into perspective.

So Karady is home with my parents. She has been dancing and swimming. Last night I talked to her on the phone for like 20 minutes. She wouldn't get off. We put her in to lessons for swimming today, but she wouldn't go in with a stranger. SO we will try again next year. We thought she might benefit from them. She is having fun, but we really miss her.

It was hot again here today. Jack and Cindy come tonight. Blaine, Amanda, and Adam tomorrow, and Clay and Shayna on Wednesday. We kind have had rain on and off at least once during the day. I have seen a little skin here, not too much yet. A few pasties, a few chaps and short shorts, garters and lace. ANything goes.

Well more later this week.





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