Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Baby

We had our 18 month appointment on Monday. We are done with shots now until Kindergarten. WHOO HOO> LUlu is a little over 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall. She is only in the 70% range now. SHE used to be like 90 to 98%. WE went to see Santa with the BM also. At first she cried but then she was quiet. She threw her first big fit, just as the BM was coming to see her. She was laying on the the floor in the mall just howling. Not sure what she was upset about.

We finished our shopping, and had a nice visit with the BM and her foster mom. We played again at the Gateway Mall. It was getting late, so we drove through McDonalds and headed for home.

We are bracing for a nasty storm. We are both on call, and I don't work tomorrow. DOn't know if my mom and dad will be able to come. Not worth the risk. We will batten down and cozy up. Be safe if you are traveling. Happy night before Christmas eve.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Christmas

Well we are back from a great weekend. Karady and I rode along with my parents to Duluth. We left Linton at 6:15 Friday morning. I was so excited, I don't think I got any sleep. We had excellent weather, although it was cold. We were packed tight to say the least. Karady did so well. She fussed only the last 1/2 hour. WE had an awesome turkey and ham supper at Kris'. Thanks Kris for the hospitallity. Kris had the kids decorate cookies. That was a hoot. We heard Carson play the piano, which he is very good at. Thanks Carson, we really enjoyed it. THe kids played and we had a good time just visiting. We stayed in a vacation rental overlooking Lake Superior. What a nice place. You can see it at www.superiorvacationrental.com We would definately do that again.
Saturday mom and dad went to watch Carson and Meilee play basketball. They both really enjoy it. I opted not to go, since Karady was cooped up the day before. Taylor, Dylan and her played and fought over toys. They were fun to watch. We had hors de vours all day on Saturday, took an awesome group picture and opened gifts. Karady got some great gifts again, thanks everyone. I also got some great gifts, and some gift cards to go out to eat with. I made an awesome wine slush, which went over very well. Kris made hot buttered rums and they were yummy too. Kris did a project with the kids, and it turned out so cute.
We left this morning about 7:30. I got home about 5. The roads were a little bad. It must have snowed in the night. It really didn't slow us down too much. We ate lunch in Fargo and kept going. Karady once again did so well. SHe really loves her papa and grandma. While we were eating, everytime dad would go back to get more food she would yell out, at the top of her voice "PAPA". Once again she fussed only the last 15 miles or so. When we got home I started putting together her doll furniture she got for Christmas. She got so mad because I couldn't put it together fast enough. She loves every piece; so much that I caught her sitting in her baby playpen on numerous occasions. GO FIGURE :) What a blessed Christmas we had with my family. I am very gratefull to spend time with them. Thanks guys. Everyone was anxious to see Karady, and she really gave them a show with her dancing. What a girl.
I am waiting for NOlan to get home as I am typing. He had a snowmobile trip planned long before we planned on Christmas. He said he had fun. I am sure he did. We missed him.

Well I have tommorow off again. We have an 18 month check up and visit the BM. Not sure what the itineray is, but I know we will visit Santa. Nolan needs to finish shopping for his family.

My mom and dad are talking about coming for the weekend. Not sure when they are coming, but since Nolan and I are both on call, that would be nice if they could come for a long weekend. Short work week. YAY. I don't have daycare Christmas eve, so I am taking off. Karady will go and see Grandma Dorothy in the morning, and go to churce at 5:30. THen we will open gifts.



Merry Christmas!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Tonight we went to Jack's Christmas concert at school. It was so cold, I thought twice about going, but he has asked so many times. SO we bundled up and went up to school. It was so cute. The only not cute part was the little girl who threw up a few rows behind us. ANother little boy rushed out of the gym looking very green. Lulu did so well. She clapped and danced to the music.

Almost 2 weeks ago we did your Christmas photo shoot. At first I thought it was going to be such a disaster, when she started crying. Then I just let her do her thing, and put some music on, and she did so good. I still have yet to get them addressed and sent out, but at least I have them. I have been wrapping gifts as I go, and I feel no stress yet. I made peanut clusters last weekend. I need to put them out of site, because it is so easy to grab a few. We did sugar cookies with the Sannes' and had lots of fun. They turned out so good. I want to make a few more different things. I have to get busy, because a week from tomorrow, I leave for Duluth. The mountain of gifts for Lulu is growing. I told Nolan he needs to put a cap on how much he spends. He laughed at me.

Lately Karady has been exploring her nose. When I say exploring, I don't just mean toughing and pulling. I could even handle her putting her finger in her nose, which she does do also. The problem I have is she is sticking food up her nose. I have gotten to the point I have been slapping her hands when she does it. We had peas the other night, and of course they are fun to put up our nose. She sneezed one out before she was done eating. The other morning she sneezed out a piece of corn; we had that 2 nights before. What do you do with a kid that does this?? I would be open to any suggestions. She tries to sneak hamburger and stuff up her nose, and when she sees I am watching, she puts it in her mouth. She is just too much.

We got a DEXA scanner this week, and we were trained in on it. What is a DEXA scanner you ask?? Well it measures your bone density. WHy is this improtant you ask? Well you are at risk for back and femur fractures if the density of your bones is low. As you age your bones lose calcium and your bones get weaker.

Well I must get to bed. It is time.

Thanks for checking in.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy After Thanksgiving

Hi All. Long time no post. Well I have been pretty busy. WE celebrated T-Day with the Sannes and all of Pauls family. WE played pinochle and had lots of good food. ATe too much of course. Karady had lots of fun. She went for a walk with the kids and ran around the garage while I played cards. Thanks Sannes' for the great hospitatlity. I left with a turkey carcass all cooked down for soup.

Today we didn't have daycare so I stayed home. Karady got up and had a mutsy eye. So off we went to the clinic for an 11:00 appointment. Dr. Feijo was so busy with ER's, so we ended up seeing Jackie. We waited for about an hour to be seen. We think she has pink eye. I was going around about 2 weeks ago at Daycare. We then ran errands to the hardware store and the grocery store, and picked up LULU's eyedrops at the Drug Store. Nolan replaced my dryer hose and the water hoses to the washer and dryer. THat meant cleaning out the laundry room, which is long over due. After Karady went down for her nap we went out to put Christmas lights up. We were outside with not coats on. I finally finished up about 4. THen I started supper and I drove the hospital float in Light UP the Night parade. We got home, Karady had a bath and went to bed. THen I folded laundry, did the dishes and sat down finally to blog. What a busy day.

Tomorrow I want to put away the Thanksgiving Decor, and at least get the tree up. WE have a hanging of the greens ceremony at church, and we want to go for that on Sunday. Christmas is coming fast. NOt even close to being done shopping. Got a few things done.

Well I must go. Bed is calling me.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

On The Other Side

Well since my last post, we have had some sleepless nights, went thru almost a bottle of advil, and a bottle of Tylenol, and have done nothing but rest. I noticed the house has been staying picked up, since LULU has been to ill to play. The picture from the last post is nothing compared to what she looked like yesterday. Poor little thing had the rash so bad in her hair, I am sure she was miserable. WE added a benedryl regimine to all the other meds to make her more comfortable. I get up and check her at least two times in the night, and every time she if burning up and needs more meds. Her little eyelids are so swollen she just has slits for eyes. Her appetite has been good for the most part. She is very good about taking her medicine. Wednesday morning she stayed home until 9:30 with Nolan until she felt better. Otherwise she has been to daycare except for Monday. This morning she woke up on her own, was talking and had more energy. The space between medication doses has been getting bigger, so I know she is getting better. THe rash was gone from her head, but her eyelids were still very swollen. They call this illness fifth disease because when they discovered it, it was the fifth viral illness after measels, chicken pox, etc. How original. So she did skip the first four. I believe there is also a sixth disease. Her dad was ill this morning with a little gastroenteritis, so I hope he is well enough to take care of LULU, because me and 4 other buddies are off the Fargo tomorrow to scrapbook for the weekend.
It makes me feel better knowing that she is getting better. She may have to take care of her dad. HAHA>



Monday, November 9, 2009

Skipping one thru four

Well I am home today again. NO not for Daycare, but because Lulu is sick. She was very tired looking yesterday and felt warm all day. After she got up from her evening nap she was on fire. I took her temp and it was well over 102. So I gave her Tylenol. She ate good, and was her almost normal self. She did like to cuddle more. SHe took her bath and had her dose of Tylenol before bed. NOlan checked on her at midnight when he came to bed and she was wimpering in her sleep and she was very warm again. I checked her temp and it was over 103. She also had a lot of wierd raised blotches on her legs. So we fed her more Tylenol and put her in bed with us. Nolan went to the hospital for ibuprofin because I have no idea where my sample bottle is. Lulu like to play with it in the car and I am not sure what happened to it. After 2 hours we gave her ibuprofin and put her in her bed. I set my alarm to check on her at 4 am, then I knew I would get up at 6:30. She was cool on each check. I waited until 7:30 and called ROss to let him know I wouldn't be in. By 7 when she got up she was at 100 again, so I gave her more Tylenol. I made an appointment and got in at 9 in the clinic. We thought that the rash was just a heat rash, but it continued to get worse. ALl the wierd blotches were gone though. SHe was like her normal self at the clinic in fact her temp was 98.6. Dr. O diagnosed her with fifth's desease. I figured it was something like that. SHe has no other symptoms, no runny nose or anything else. I mainly wanted her ears checked to make sure that it wasn't ear infection. NOthing we can do but treat the fever because it is viral. SHe took a nap from 10 to noon and by the time she got up again, five hours after her tylenol her temp was over 103 again. She just is miserable and pitiful.. She can go to daycare tomorrow, we will just have to dose her with Tylenol and ibuprofin. It is not contagious, and should last 3 to 5 days. After being on the couch 4 two hours whining and burning up, as I type now she is running around and playing. SHe at a good lunch. It is just so scary to have them so sick. I even contemplated taking her to Bismarck to the pediatrician, but I think she is going to be OK. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well we made it through another Halloween. We carved our two huge pumpkins, and tried to fit Karady in one. We had so much fun, and we had a wonderful time with the Sannes. The weather was great, and Karady held my hand while we walked. We had to keep emptying her candy bucket though, which she really objected too, because she was very possesive of her candy. She also fell alot, and her candy went everywhere a few times, so we made sure to empty it often. We started at about 6:00 and went until 9:00. Karady came home with a cloth grocery bag half full of candy. Nolan manned the fort at home. He said we had about 25 trick or treaters. Of course she had to eat some candy too, so when we got home at 9:00 she was bouncing off the walls from a sugar high. She finally crashed at 10:15. She was so good, and never got crabby. With the time change she slept until 8:30 the next day. We went to church and stayed for potluck. Then we took down Halloween decorations, and went to celebrate James' first birthday.

Well thanks for checking on us.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The flu, including stomach and H1N1 is hitting hard. Daycare called me at 6:45 on Thursday morning and said she had the stomach kind and couldn't watch kids. OK now what do I do. I called a few places and they were either full or sick also. Karady won't stay with just anyone, and everyone I could think of had sick kids too. So I decided to stay home for the day. We had a good day. Didn't get much done, but it was nice to lay down and take a nap in the afternoon with lulu. I felt guilty leaving Ross alone; he wasn't too busy though. Nolan figured he could come home after his ACLS class, so I took him up on it. He had quite a time with LULU. She is VERY busy, and doesn't listen very well. He texted me back and forth quite a few times and each time he threatened to bring her over and leave her with me. He couldn't get anything done. I said Oh, welcome to my world. He volunterred earlier to stay home Friday also. His tune of course changed after his daycare duties on Thursday for the 2 hours he had her. SO he stayed home Friday also, and things went better. They had good bonding time. She has been so clingy and not feeling up to par, I think because of her teeth. I can't see any new ones coming in, but she has had all the symptoms. She did manage to poop for him a few times too, which he hates cleaning up.

When we were home on Thursday, I taught Karady to say Please. I will say "What do you say" and she says PEES. It is so cute. Now when she begs for something she repeats it over and over. She has gotten back to her old self now. She still throws a fit and crys when you take something away. She loves to play with everything else but her toys.

We had a good weekend home. I wasn't in too many times on call, but when I was, it was for a few hours at a time. It went very fast. Of course I was in over church again, and LULU loves to take her nap between 10:30 and 11.

Well we have a dermatology appointment on Wednesday, and then we are going to pick up Paula and Tammi from the airport. Our appointment is at 1 and Paul and Tammi will be in at 7, so I will try to do a little Christmas shopping, and maybe we will go and play at the mall up north, so Lulu can get out and run.

Thanks for checking in.


Monday, October 19, 2009


What a busy weekend we had. Friday Karady and I met Papa and Grandma in Sterling to do some exchanges. Brian and Kristin moved this weekend, so they were on their way to help.

Saturday Karady and I went to a wedding. Missy and Jeff had a nice day, and a beautiful wedding. Karady was something in church. She was not quiet by any means and we went out of church a few times to distract her. The photographer took a picture of her looking over the pew, during the ceremony. Daddy and his buds cut and hauled 5 pickup loads of wood. When I left from the reception I got a text that he was done and still had all of his appendiges. It is dangerous work. Thanks Jack and Travis for all your help. Thanks Lyle for the wood. Karady feels pretty good. Her poop still isn't back to normal, but she may be teething also. It's hard to look in her mouth these days to check things out. H1N1 has been running rampid through our area. I hope she stays well. I am thinking I will not give her the shot. I am not going to get it, and I am not going to stress over it.

Sunday Karady and I made a Walmart/sam's run. She did good, but threw a fit going into Walmart. She didn't want to sit in the cart. She screamed all the way in. I tried to do some Christmas shopping for her, but they didn't have what I wanted. When we got back home we helped Daddy stack the mountain of wood he had split. Karady even carried about 5 pieces. It was a beautiful day, and we were glad to be outside. Karady now can do a kitty, duck, and monkey sound. She also tries to repeat what you say.

Well TTFN. Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tummy Troubles

We had a normal night last evening. Or so I thought. Karady started out with some runny poops, that required her to get into her jammies by 6. She ate very little, except of course the cheese, which she loves. She was kind of clingy, but she had just gotten her flu shot. WE had 4 confirmed cases in the clinic yesterday, so I called public health and got her in for it. She did so well. Didn't even cry. She is almost 26 pounds. She gained 4 pounds in 4 months. I don't think she has gotten much taller.

So anyway she got back up into her chair to eat with us, which she always does. She had a few noodles. Then she got this funny look on her face and up came an enormous amount of stuff. I couldn't believe that her tummy could hold that much. Poor thing. She didn't cry though. Luckily she was in her high chair, and the tray caught most of it. So back to the tub she went. THat is 3 baths in 2 days for her. She acted more normal, but I gave her pedialyte to drink instead of her milk. THen she had a little ice cream. She went to be on time and slept the night, with no more incidents of vomit.

THis morning I stayed away from the milk again and she gobbled down her toast. We went to daycare, and it seems that 2 other children had the same thing last night, but threw up more. 1 came to daycare today, and one did not. Must be a short lived bug. But it was a first for LULU. She has been so healthy.

We are excited to go to Cassie party tonight. I don't know who is more excited, me or Nolan. I know there will be good food. That will be our supper, because then we go to the ambulance meeting.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lulu never ceases to amaze me with the new things she does every day. She can tell us when she wants something, climbs up on chairs, and tables, she says peoples names now, and the kitty sound. SHe also makes a duck sound that sounds more like she has something in her throat. she gives me kisses and hugs, and wants to wrap her babies in blankets and drag them around. She also knows when she is ready for bed.

Speaking of bed last night she had her bath like normal, and she was dressed in her jammies, all ready to go. I didn't let the water out of the tub right away. Don't know why, I usually do. She was toddling around and threw a bib in the water. I got it out and turned around to put her bath towel in the tub. THen I heard her cry. When I went into the bathroom, here she was sitting in the bathtub full of water with her jammies on, grinning from ear to ear. I figure she went in head first with her arms out, and then sat down. I couldn't believe it. I of course grabbed for the camera right away. So off we went again to get on dry clothes and a dry diaper.

I am putting clothes that are too small away every day, and pulling out new ones to wear. She still is so skinny, pants are interesting to find that fit. We are wearing long sleeves for the past 2 weeks. Not sure if the short sleeves will ever come out again. We have an inch of snow on the ground from yesterday, and more coming, along with freezing rain. It is supposed to warm up for the weekend. NOlan has cut zero wood so far, so he figures he may need a snuggy to wear for the basement. It does come with the free booklight though.

Well thats all for now.



Thursday, October 8, 2009

16 months

Our girl turned 16 months the other day. My how time flies. She is walking, talking, sassing, etc. Now she pulls out the chairs and climbs up on them. I am sure soon she will be found on top of the table. She fell off a chair already. More bumps and bruises to come. She is imitating more; trying to say names and words if you ask her. She still will only do the monkey sound on command. She says Jack now, pretty clearly. She can be such a card. Last night I think she got too much sugar at the home, because she was bouncing off the walls, and was very silly. She will go to bed on her own, which is a blessing. She goes down usually by 8:00. The nights go by so quickly, and it gets dark earlier and earlier.

We are hoping it warms up again to get outside and get some pictures with the falling leaves. I also need to cut down my perennials. The garden is all picked, and ready for the wood pile. It has been a strange year. Nothing is predictable, or like any other year.

Well Happy Fall



Monday, October 5, 2009


Not much going on with us. Had a very lazy weekend. I didn't get out of my PJ's yesterday. Quiet weekend for call.

Karady is making the monkey sound yet, and we are teaching her a cow also. Yesterday I think she said Charlie, we are working on that one. She can pull out the chairs and climb up on them now. ANd she falls off the chairs also.

Decorated for Halloween Saturday. Karady got a kick out of that. She also has her little hands on everything. I put away the summer clothes. With the chance of snow today, I figured it was time. Can't make myself put away the capri's yet. Getting my hair colored and cut on Wedensday. I can't wait. It is always uplifting.

That's all for now.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Prayer Request

This weekend I learned of a 16 year old named Brandy George who needs our prayers. You have to read the history of the journal to see why we did the above picture. She was in a head on collision and is in really bad. She is getting better, but is very fragile, and needs all the prayers she can get. Please visit caring Bridge and type in Brandy George.

cucumbers and wine

Hello all!! I just got back from a wonderful scrap weekend in Finley at the Dakota Getaway lodge. You can take a peak at www.dakotagetaway.com. This place is truely tailored for the scrapbooker. All the tools imaginable and 2 cricut machines, what more could you ask for. I got 41 pages done. YESSSS!! Would have gotten more done, but there was a 5 hours bout of drunkeness without eating on Saturday evening. It was so much fun. The group I wend with was mostly from Steele. They were a blast. WE went through like 14 bottles of wine, and then the cucumbers came out. That's all I will say. We laughed so much. I missed my girl terribly, but I got so much done. Melissa got like 84 pages done. She rocked it. Didn't get much sleep and kind of am getting a cold now. I met one girl who adopted from Fargo, and another who's daughter adopted from Ethiopia. They were both so cute. THe one from Ethiopia got to meet Evander Holyfield on the plan back from getting their dauther. I thought that was neat.

Now for an update on Karady. She is something else. She is all over the place. When you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do she says "hu ahh". Like no way, not going to do it. WHere did she get that from. She tries to whistle, and it sounds like a monkey, so now when you ask her what the monkey says, she says "OH OH." She is really into dolls now, and he shape sorter. Nolan had a good time with her on the weekend, and she slept in until 8 for him. She can tell you when she is hungry by shaking her head, or going to the hight chair.

If anyone needs pumpkins, call me. I grew 35 this year. What was I thinking. I am giving them away. They are not huge, but I would say nice sized for carving simple things, or for decoration. LEt me know.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!!

We celebrated today by meeting the Grandparents at the pumpkin patch. It was a georgous day. Karady was very timid at first with walking around, but very soon she was cruising everywhere. The new barn at the patch is awesome. A few things have changed, including their prices. I guess they have to pay for the barn somehow. We had so much fun. My sister JOdi and her family also met us. We all went to the Olive Garden for lunch, and it was very good. It has been a while since we have eaten there.

We then made a Sam's run and Walmart. Our pumpkins are so big, we had to do some creative packing to get everything home. Karady made it to Hazelton, then crashed. I put her in her crib and she I think will sleep the night.

I love fall, so today marks the beginning of mine. I vow this year to get my yard decor out early this year. Of course it requires coaxing my husband up into the attic, which her hates to do. I have some cool stuff that hasn't been out in a few years.

I got 2 costumes for Karady for halloween. I won them on Ebay. Now I have to decide which to keep. I sold her mermaid costume from last year on ebay and got like $15 for it. It paid for her costume this year. I will blog when I decide which to keep. It is a choice between a butterfly and a lady bug. Both are very similar but the colors.

Well later



Thursday, September 3, 2009


There are a lot of changes going on our lives now.

First, and the greatest change is my boss finally retired. It is a good thing. It was time. I really don't think it has set in yet. We also may have a replacement from the area. That would be awesome. Ross and I have been doing it alone for the last year anyway, and tripping over a nonproductive body, so the differance won't be much. Just a few more days of call for a while. Pray this new prospect works out. The keggar date will be announced later.

Second, the coming of fall is starting. I love the fall. We are visiting the pumpkin patch on the 13th of this month, which is also grandparents day. We are meeting family so it should be fun again. I am letting some of my pots dry up. I guess I lose interest right about now. The harvest of tomatoes and peppers will start.

Third, LULU is learning more every day. She forgets nothing. She is into everything. I cannot stop her from palying in the dog food. She is getting scrapes and bumps every day. Oh what a joy.

We had a rummage sale last Friday and we got rid of a lot of stuff. I put out Karady's clothes, and only a few went. I told NOlan maybe this was a sign. He just gave me the look. It feels good to purge of stuff, and make more room for more. There is never enough storage space.

My parents are coming down overnight this weekend. My dad has to work Monday, and they have a wedding Friday, so the will be down Saturday and go home Sunday. They will be delivering part of Karady's xmas present. She is getting the Anniversary Edition of the little Tykes Cozy Coupe. I am so excited for her. She is going to love it. Now she won't have to go car jacking any more. They are also taking home a dresser for my sister that they bought on the rummage sale.

Well that's all.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walk arond the block

Lulu amazes me every day. Now she says "Go". I realized that's what I say when I want the dogs to get away from us when we are getting out of the high chair. Last night I went to help a friend with her wedding flowers and Grandma watched Karady. Grandma thought she would entertain her with a stroll around the block. Yes they strolled, but she insisted on walking, instead of riding. Grandma said they walked 4 blocks, then she was ready to stroll.
We are eating cucs from the garden, but no tomatoes yet. They aren't even orange yet. The pumpkins are going insane. We have also had grilled zuchinni quite a few times already.
Karady also knows which do is which. You can ask her where Pacey is and she points right to him, etc. You can ask her where her nose is, and she points to her head. Almost right!! She is well into the swing of things back at Daycare again. One little girl at her daycare was in the clinic the other day and showed a staff memeber her owee. The staff said oh what happened. She said, "Karady bit me." She knew of only one Karady and so she asked me the other day if my little LULU was a biter. I said absolutely. Oh what do you do.
We rode bike to the pool park the other day. My intention was to ride all the way out to Seaman park, but I changed my mind, when I barely made it to the pool. So we played on the swings, the slide and the Merry go round, and had a good time.
Lulu also sat in her first mud puddle on Sunday. WE went to see a friends new house, and Karady was playing pick up with my friends daughter. She would throw her NUK on the ground and McKenzie would pick it up and wash it with the water spigot. This went on for quite a few time, so there was quite a puddle. I let Lulu down to walk around, and of course the first place she sat down in was in the mud, in a dress. So I stripped her down to her diaper and we rode home half naked.
It's and adventure, I love every day.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catch Up

I have gotten enough grief lately about not updating my blog so now it is time to play catch up. Hold on, here we go.

OK so Karady stayed at my moms house while Nolan and I went to Sturgis for the week. I took her to Richardton Aug. 1st and stayed overnight with her and left her there Aug. 2nd. She was very busy all week with the other daycare kids, but she was kind of a turd. No one else could sit on her grandmas lap or even be by her Grandma. She was very possessive. She also can fight for what she wants also. She did a little car jacking out of the cozy coupe when she decided she wanted to go in it. Poor Gracie didn't know what hit her when karady opened the door and pulled her out by the hair. Gracie is 2 years older than Karady. We called one to two times a day to talk to her, and she listend to our voices. Nolan was the one who always wanted to call to see what she was doing. I am sure Granma took lots of pictures.
Mom and Dad had plans on Sunday to go to Medora, so they met Paul and Tammi in Biz to pick up Lulu and the dogs to take them back to Linton for us. Karady went right to them, and knew who they were. They had lunch together, then they took Lulu home. They had dessert, before they left Bismarck at Olive Garden, and my cousin Jamie was in Olive Garden at the same time, and her little girl Jaycia, who is 2 months younger than karady, and goes to my mom's Daycare kept pointing and having a fit. She saw karady, and if she wouldn't have caused such a fit, Jaimie wouldn't have even known that Karady was there. Mom said that Jaycia and Karady checked out each others breakfast every morning.

Well they say what happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis. No we don't have much to tell. Besides missing our girl terribly, we had a good time. Good bonding time for Nolan and I since we had the cabin to ourselves almost the whole time. We left on Monday the 3rd of August, and made excellent time. Nolan's sister and family had come the the hills the day before, and it was great to spend time with them again. We rode the hills and ate at our favorite spots. The weather was perfect, not too hot. Sturgis was the same. Crazy and lots of good people watching. Ran into three people we knew on main in Sturgis, out of the 100,000 there that day. We met a lady who is on the test team with Nolan and our UPS man and his girlfriend. Our friend Jack and his girlfriend came down on Tuesday and stayed until Thursday. Sarah, jack's girlfriend was very reluctant to come, because she didn't want to go so some drunken rowdy biker rally. We are pretty tame, and we rarely go out at night. She had a good time, and I told her it all depends on the people you go with. And no we did not see Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, fall off the stage and break his shoulder and get a concussion at the Buffalo Chip concert. We also missed the hail in Sturgis and Deadwood that sent quite a few people to the ER when they were caught in it. We did eat a great buffet in Deadwood, and didn't even put a penny in the machines. We did manage to do the the needles highway twice. We took in the night lighting ceremony of MOunt Rushmore on Saturday. It is always so beautiful. It brings back my patriotism. We got very wet one day when we got caught in a shower. I was soaked and my boots had to be dried out with the hair dryer. It is so great riding in the hills in the open air. We did do Bear Country in the open air bus, and we had the best driver who gave us a wealth of info. He also let us feed the while buffalo, and it was my best trip through ever. I got the souviners I wanted and had a great time. I was anxious to get back home to my baby.

We made awesome time home when we got behind a group of Harley's doing 90. We took off our leathers and went to get Karady. She went right to Nolan, but didn't want me at all. I was so disappointed. She cried when ever I wanted to hold her. She was punishing me for leaving her. So we went home and she was very tired, so she took a nap, and I thought it would be better. Nope. When she woke up she cried when she seen me. I fed her and she was very quiet. Then she started warming up and we went outside, and she got back to her old self. I cried. I just couldn't take it. i was looking so forward to going home, and then she didn't want me. It is scary to think at that age how quickly they forget you. She caught a little cold while we were gone, and has been cranky with teeth.

Well the biting has not gotten much better. She bit 3 kids in one day last week. She is also teething. This week she didn't bite a once, well JoAnn caught her anyway. JoAnn has baby kitty's at her house and they are so damned cute. Karady loves them. She has been very clingy and crabby all week. Also she doesn't take much for naps, so she is very crabby after we get home. I keep her up so she goes to bed early and we try to spend our evenings outside to wear her out and keep her occupied.

Summer is really winding down now. I am picking cucumbers, and zucchini. The tomatoes are not ripining yet, but I can't wait!! I know the pool will be closing, so no more swimming. We didn't even get to use her new floatie. It was too cold when she was in Richardton to go. School will start in less than a week, and there are lots of changes going on at work. We are waiting for the official retirement date of my boss. Big party at my house when the date is set. I was pretty swamped at work with backlogged work, and new billing when I got back, but now I am pretty well caught up. Nolan has been very busy with city council meetings, and flood meetings, and rural water meetings. We got a very nice letter from a medic in the airforce who had a motorcycle/deer accident on 1804 the weekend I was in Richardton. He was very impressed with the care he and his wife received and said that he didn't expect that out of a small town, and said it was the best care he had ever had.

Well I hope I have caught myself up.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Official

Well it's official. Our girl, since Monday is full fledged walking. It is so crazy how much differance a week can make. Monday when I picked her up from daycare she walked out to the car. It hit me then. No turning back now. It's what I wished for, and now it's here. And with it comes more independence. Miss Independant. Yep that's her name. Let me do it myself.
It's also offical that she likes to bite, and does so when she gets mad. I get on her right away and then we move on.
We had a wonderful weekend filled with being outside, swimming, playing in the sand and helping daddy. Daddy poured cement on the boulevard, but before we could do our hand prints it dried. There will be more to pour later. We tried out a wonderful birthday present from Kristin, Brian and Taylor. I blew up the water firetruck, and she had a ball with it. Thanks guys. It provided hours of fun. The weekends go by much too fast, and I want to enjoy every minute, because soon it will be fall.
It seems there is a new baby at Daycare (6 weeks old) and Karady does not care for it. Today was the first day, and she knew it. The baby went outside in the stroller and she had a fit because that is her stroller. It could be interesting. Poor JoAnn.
I noticed last week LULU is getting her right premolar in. She has really been chewing and kind of cranky at times. She also insists on drinking out of everyones bottle of whatever they are drinking. She gets a kick out of it.

Well getting late.


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Cruise

OK, so we celebrated our 12th Anniversary last night with a cruise. Of course it isn't until Sunday, but we were both not on call.
We boarded the Avenger, a sleek yellow jet boat at the Beaver Bay Marina. Our captain was Captain Dockter and his first mate Feist. After departing from the dock, with all the fanfare, we sped across the bay, skull and cross bones flag whipping in the wind. The plume of water we shot out behind us was quite impressive. After a short 5 minute weave around the submerged trees we beached our liner at the Prairie Knights marina. THe seas were calm, and not a one of us was sea sick. A short hike up the marina mountain brought us to the Marina phone, where we called for our driver to come retrieve us. Our captain Dockter entertained us with his antics with the driver. The trip to the Casino was longer than the journey across the bay. We arrived at the Casino and weaved through blue hair and smoke to the Feast of the Rock. We dined with the natives and it was quite good. After a fine meal we tried our hands at the slot machines, and I won a bit of money; a whole $9.00. Of course I can only speak for myself. First mate Feist and I enjoyed a cocktail at the bar, then we all proceeded to the Black Jack tables. I was just a spectator, as I don't know the game very well. The first set was favorable for the players, but the second set went to the Casino. As it was getting near sundown, we daparted from the Knights, and had Jeeves our driver take us back down to our vessel to make the journey home. No one left empty handed, but no one came home rich either. We took our time coming across the mighty Missouri and enjoyed the beautiful glass like water and cooling eveing. Bugs greeted the light First Mate Feist shone one the water to guide our way. WE shut down the motor and just drifted for a while enjoying the quiet and solitude of the sea. Then reality of the time set in and we docked and departed the vessel, and made our way home. It was a fine evening, and the entertainment was spectacular. We filled the natives pockets and our bellies with their Feast. Karady's relatives would have approved. WE checked on our bronze baby who was in peaceful slumber. It was a fine time, and we would suggest it to anyone. The Marina pontoon runs on the weekends, and the schedule is 10 am to 8 pm, departing from the bay every 2 hours. Try your hand and take a trip if you have the time.

Happy 12th Anniversary to the love of my life. THanks it was fun.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Turning Back Now

Well Lulu is well on her way to walking. She barely crawls at all anymore. At the lake this weekend she really got her exercise.
Speaking of the Lake, it was crappy weather for 2 days, one beautiful evening, and of course the day we were to leave it was beautiful. The kids still swam in 70 degree weahter, and we all swam on Sunday before we came home. It was nice to be together. We had 13 people sleeping inside a 2 bedroom cabin. We had a great time though. Brian put the water tramp and slide out between the docks, and unloaded the wave runner and took the kids tubing. They had so much fun. Karady and I swam a bit and went down the slide. She had a ball. She tried to bite her cousin numerous times when he cut in front of her to go down the little slide. I got lots of my book read and it was wonderful to get away. NOlan fished, and didn't catch much, but he has been looking forward to getting away for a long time. It put the itch in him to have a place like that. Just a pipe dream my man. We want to thank Kristin and Brian for their hospitality. We greatly apprecaited it. Hope to do it again some day.
The countdown is on to our Sturgis vacation. I am not looking forward to leaving Karady. She will do fine, but I am afraid she won't know us after a week. She will have fun at Grandmas, and I am sure she will get to go swimming and play with all of the Daycare kids.
Made a new drink last night. Got the recipe from the Cabin. I think it is called Skip and Go Naked, but I am still verifying that with Kristin. It sounds wierd, but Norris, Muriel and I loved it. here goes:

1 can frozen lemonaide
2 can water (24 oz. total)
1 can vodka ( i Use only 1/2) or 6 oz.
1 can beer

Mix together and serve over ice.

You could use any type of lemonaid and I used crystal light tubs and filled my measuring cup to make 12 oz. Try it, you might like it. It makes about 2 quarts.

Well thats all

Oh P.S. Nolan had a hearing test today and it was a little better. He still has some packing in. GO NOLAN>


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now we're MOvin'

Last night Lulu took the most steps ever!! She walked from her firetruck in the dining room into the kitchen and then into the hall. SHe is doing less scooting and more walking, touching things as she goes. We praise her so much and she claps.
We are busy preping to go to the lake tomorrow. I am praying for some warmer weather then they are predicting. We are taking the car, so we will be packed tight. And you have to bring so many different clothes when it might be cool, or it might be a little warmer, plus all of LULU's stuff.
Last Sunday we went to the pool. WE were the only ones there for quite a while. She was in her floatie in the big pool, and the lifeguards had the music cranked. She was boppin her head to the music and the life guards got a kick out of that. SHe loves the water; I hope that continues.
Having a wonderful day at work today, no BOSS= Whoo PEE!!!

Well TTFN.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Independence means a lot in our house lately. Lulu is getting more and more independent. She likes to help dress herself, and put her shoes on. The other day she had her nail clipper and was acting like she was going to trim her nails. She has yet to take off walking though.
She seemed to enjoy the parade on the 4th. I had to drive a float, so I only saw her from afar. We ate lunch at the church then she went to see GG in Strasburg while mommy and daddy went to the Derby. I kind of got fried, but it was a good Derby. The beer tasted good on such a hot day. Our good friend Kameron took 3rd. Yeah KAM. It was kind of more fun when you know someone in it. Then we had a pinic at the Sannes with grilled bugers and dogs and great salads and desserts. Then of course we had the fireworks. I think the boys outdo themselves every year. LULU was filthy and tired and had a bath and was in bed by 9:30. Next year she might be able to stay up and watch them. I ate way to much, but after my stomach emptied a little we broke out the margaritas and sipped cool raspberry slushes while we enjoyed the fireworks. WE finally concluded the show at 12:30.
Lulu was up bright and shiny ant 7:30 the next morning. We played a while and then she took a nap from 10 to 11, and mommy did too. Then we made plans to go to the pool with the Sannes'. WE got to the pool at 2:00. Lulu kept wanting to sit in the water, but she is too short. So she walked around the edge for a while. She climed out of her baby ring, so we tried another ring that we borrowed from a fellow Daycare kid, and she loved it. She is a maniac in the water. She has no fear. WE were at the pool then until it closed at 5 and made a date for the next Sunday when Tammi's family would also be in Linton from Bemidji. Lulu barely made it home before falling asleep. I changed her into dry clothes and she took a 2 hour nap. Then of course she didn't go to be until 10:30. I finally just laid her in her crib and she fell asleep on her own. it was worth it though. All of her Daycare buddies were at the pool with us at the same time.
Yesterday was my mom's birthday, Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blowing Kisses

Karady learned something new again yesterday. Joann taught her to blow kisses. Also she does say thank you when she wants something, and when she gets something. It sounds very similar to get down, but just a bit different. We are going on a boat ride tonight with a friend. I already have a life jacket for LULU. WE should have fun. One good thing that's come out of the flood is Beaver Bay is full and full of life again.
WE are planning a fun filled 4th. We will take in the parade, have lunch at the church, Mommy and daddy are going to the Derby, and then a picnic at the Sannes. Paul is in charge of the fireworks this year. WE should have a good time. I can remember back to last year when LULU was so little, and I missed almost all the fireworks because she was cranky, and then she threw up all over me. She only did that to me a few times. I think it was because too many people were trying to feed her. It should be a funner 4th, for all of us.

Well TTFN.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doin the two step

Well on June 23rd Karady took her first steps, just two of them. Nolan said that he saw them first, pushing the little popcorn popper, but I say I saw them first after supper. She has been standing alone for short periods of time since about the 15th of June. So now I "force" her to try to walk more, but she is still very unsure.
She also has learned High Five. Not sure where, who knows. She will do up high and down low also. She just giggles.
As I have probably blogged, she got her pictures taken last Friday, and we picked them up yesterday, which by the way was one year since we picked up our little baby girl. Oh what a journey. I wouldn't change a thing. Anyway her pictures are ablsolutely georgeous. going to be so hard to pick. I will try to scan a few to post. WE get them done by Morgan's Memories. Her number is 223-9769. Tell her I sent you and I can get credit. Her email is morgansmemories@hotmail.com. If you use the referrel program you get 10% off your sitting fee, and I get 8 free wallets. Let me know if you are interested, I can hook you up. She is reasonable and you get to keep all your proofs. Bonus, for us scrapbookers.
SO yesterday we celebrated by going to the zoo. It rained on us almost the whole time and we spent a good amount of time in the stinky monkey house waiting for the rain to pass. Karady seemed to enjoy the zoo. Karady fed the goats, and the horse with the nasty teeth tried to get her finger. Of course as Nolan always says, Next year will be funner. I told him to stop wishing her life away. Nolan and his dad went to a movie, transformer 2 and Muriel and I traveled way north of Bismarck to the Luck's house to visit with Karady's Foster family. They live in a georgeous house, and were so happy to see here again. They celebrated her adoption day with us in December, but we only spoke for a short period of time. I put on the adorable dress they sent her for her birthday. karady is still kind of shy and kind of hung around me and Muriel. Tricia's parents were also there, and they enjoyed seeing her again. Tricia does daycare for her nieces, and the little girl who is 6 months older that LULu is named Taylour Lou, and they call her LULU too. I laughed. They also told me they nick named Karady Ray Ray while she was there, which we also call her sometimes. We had a wonderful visit, and I told Karady when we left she is very lucky to have had such a wonderful family for the short 17 days she was with them. They have 2 other foster children now, and Karady was just their 2nd. Thanks to the Luck's for starting our baby out right.

Well TTFN. i will try to get caught up on pics.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sand between my toes

Well it was a big weekend for us, second only to the big birthday bash.

It started out on Friday with pictures, which are going to be so dam adorable. Lulu did very well. Only took about an hour. They were very fun. I would highly recommend Morgan's Memories. I can give you the info if you want it. Tell her I sent you, so I can get credit. Then we had shots and a Dr. check up. Lulu weighs 22 lb, 2 oz. and is 30 1/2 inches. She is slimming down, but still very tall for her age. She got 4 shots, and luckily they had 2 nurses for this. Then we saw the BM. Well I have to say I am sure it was eye opening for Norris and Muriel. This goes to show that Environment wins over Genetics. Karady was cranky towards the BM, and didn't want to be held by her. Don't think she was very happy about that. But otherwise we had a good visit. We then waited for Nolan to get to Bismarck and then we took off on the bike to Richardton. Karady went with Gma and Gpa back home.

We took off quite late the next day on the bike, but it was great to sleep in. We went up thru Killdeer to Watford, thru New Town, Garrison, and then back home on 83. My butt was very sore, but the ride was nice. WInd could have been a little quieter. Gma and Gpa kept Karady up until we got home, and they were waiting in the stroller for us at the end of the block. She gave us a funny look when she saw us in our helmets. She was glad we were home and didn't go to bed until 10:30. we had friends over for a fire that night, drank a few beers, and had a nice night.

Went to church on Sunday, and Nolan opened up the Storybook I made for him, from Karady. He told me I have too much time on my hands. It turned out very cute. I know he appreciated it. It was written by Karady. Then the guys constructed her sandbox and put up her swing. Note to Nolan, get eyebolts so your daughter doesn't go flying off the swing, in her swing. She loves the swing, and the sand. Nolan says No sand outside the sandbox. he told me I have to be firm with her on that. I just rolled my eyes at him. We had coctails and snacks on the deck, ate supper and Lulu who had only a 45 minute nap was in bed by 7:30. What a great weekend. I will post pics later.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Bumps in the road.

Karady stayed with GMA on Wednesday, Joann had a funeral. When I got home I noticed she had lots of raised bumps on her arms, and it looked as if she was scratching them. OK what is she allergic to. I traced back, and I am not sure but the only new thing I can think of would be strawberry Jello. Not sure if this is the culprit, but we will have to be careful. She got benedryl that night, and the next morning they were gone.

LULU will shake her head yes and no now. Mostly NO, imagine that. She reaches for things she wants, and definately knows what she wants. It is a challenge sometimes to read her little mind. You can also ask her questions, and she will say what sounds like Yeah???? Nolan can't wait until she says "NO NO pacey, my Cookie."

Next week at this time we will be taking our year pictures. I can't wait. I hope she does well. I am going to try to get in early to avoid a meltdown.

Yesterday was my mom and dad's 38th weddding anniversary. They are iN SD with Carson and Meilee on a mini vacation. Talked to her last night, and she was pissed; it had rained there every day so far. They had been doing all indoor stuff and were headed home today. IN 2 years we are going back to Rainbow Resort to celebrate their 40th. That should be great, can't wait.

Happy Friday everyone.!! I put shorts on LULU today for the 1st time this year. I said that's enough, it is time. Hope she stays warm all day!!



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday LULU!!

Well we had a wonderful birthday last Saturday, full of cake, craziness and cousins. The cake was very cute, there was a crazy amount of people, and all of her cousins, minus 2 were able to attend. We are so happy for all the friends who could be there also. It got to be a little long, and she didn't get her nap, so it got very interesting toward the end with a crabby birthday girl.
We had a busy day in Minot on Friday at a wedding and then hurried back to get ready for the party. Of course it rained and was totally crappy, so we all had to stay inside.
The menu consisted of sloppy joes, buns (baked by tammi, Thanks!!), cookie salad, potatoe salad, calico beans, and a great jello salad. Thanks to the moms for making the side dishes. Oh and moms great pickles.

I made her little cake to destroy, but used hard icing. I should have used messier icing for more of a cute mess. Oh well I will do that on the 19th when she gets her pictures taken. Can't wait for that. Hopefully she coopereates. If she is not hungry or tired, we will be OK. She got lots of nice gifts such as pool stuff, DVD's, firetrucks, a sandbox, snacks, clothes, PM figureines, and toys. It was very memorable. Thanks everyone. I will post pics later.

Oh the BM called on her birthday and left a message. I called her back and left a message on the FM phone. She called and chatted then on Sunday. She was having a good time in Fargo at her foster sister special olympics. I am sure it was a tough day for her, and it was good she was busy.

I kept it together and didn't even cry. My mom was proud of me.




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