Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The flu, including stomach and H1N1 is hitting hard. Daycare called me at 6:45 on Thursday morning and said she had the stomach kind and couldn't watch kids. OK now what do I do. I called a few places and they were either full or sick also. Karady won't stay with just anyone, and everyone I could think of had sick kids too. So I decided to stay home for the day. We had a good day. Didn't get much done, but it was nice to lay down and take a nap in the afternoon with lulu. I felt guilty leaving Ross alone; he wasn't too busy though. Nolan figured he could come home after his ACLS class, so I took him up on it. He had quite a time with LULU. She is VERY busy, and doesn't listen very well. He texted me back and forth quite a few times and each time he threatened to bring her over and leave her with me. He couldn't get anything done. I said Oh, welcome to my world. He volunterred earlier to stay home Friday also. His tune of course changed after his daycare duties on Thursday for the 2 hours he had her. SO he stayed home Friday also, and things went better. They had good bonding time. She has been so clingy and not feeling up to par, I think because of her teeth. I can't see any new ones coming in, but she has had all the symptoms. She did manage to poop for him a few times too, which he hates cleaning up.

When we were home on Thursday, I taught Karady to say Please. I will say "What do you say" and she says PEES. It is so cute. Now when she begs for something she repeats it over and over. She has gotten back to her old self now. She still throws a fit and crys when you take something away. She loves to play with everything else but her toys.

We had a good weekend home. I wasn't in too many times on call, but when I was, it was for a few hours at a time. It went very fast. Of course I was in over church again, and LULU loves to take her nap between 10:30 and 11.

Well we have a dermatology appointment on Wednesday, and then we are going to pick up Paula and Tammi from the airport. Our appointment is at 1 and Paul and Tammi will be in at 7, so I will try to do a little Christmas shopping, and maybe we will go and play at the mall up north, so Lulu can get out and run.

Thanks for checking in.




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