Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Tonight we went to Jack's Christmas concert at school. It was so cold, I thought twice about going, but he has asked so many times. SO we bundled up and went up to school. It was so cute. The only not cute part was the little girl who threw up a few rows behind us. ANother little boy rushed out of the gym looking very green. Lulu did so well. She clapped and danced to the music.

Almost 2 weeks ago we did your Christmas photo shoot. At first I thought it was going to be such a disaster, when she started crying. Then I just let her do her thing, and put some music on, and she did so good. I still have yet to get them addressed and sent out, but at least I have them. I have been wrapping gifts as I go, and I feel no stress yet. I made peanut clusters last weekend. I need to put them out of site, because it is so easy to grab a few. We did sugar cookies with the Sannes' and had lots of fun. They turned out so good. I want to make a few more different things. I have to get busy, because a week from tomorrow, I leave for Duluth. The mountain of gifts for Lulu is growing. I told Nolan he needs to put a cap on how much he spends. He laughed at me.

Lately Karady has been exploring her nose. When I say exploring, I don't just mean toughing and pulling. I could even handle her putting her finger in her nose, which she does do also. The problem I have is she is sticking food up her nose. I have gotten to the point I have been slapping her hands when she does it. We had peas the other night, and of course they are fun to put up our nose. She sneezed one out before she was done eating. The other morning she sneezed out a piece of corn; we had that 2 nights before. What do you do with a kid that does this?? I would be open to any suggestions. She tries to sneak hamburger and stuff up her nose, and when she sees I am watching, she puts it in her mouth. She is just too much.

We got a DEXA scanner this week, and we were trained in on it. What is a DEXA scanner you ask?? Well it measures your bone density. WHy is this improtant you ask? Well you are at risk for back and femur fractures if the density of your bones is low. As you age your bones lose calcium and your bones get weaker.

Well I must get to bed. It is time.

Thanks for checking in.




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