Friday, June 12, 2009

Bumps in the road.

Karady stayed with GMA on Wednesday, Joann had a funeral. When I got home I noticed she had lots of raised bumps on her arms, and it looked as if she was scratching them. OK what is she allergic to. I traced back, and I am not sure but the only new thing I can think of would be strawberry Jello. Not sure if this is the culprit, but we will have to be careful. She got benedryl that night, and the next morning they were gone.

LULU will shake her head yes and no now. Mostly NO, imagine that. She reaches for things she wants, and definately knows what she wants. It is a challenge sometimes to read her little mind. You can also ask her questions, and she will say what sounds like Yeah???? Nolan can't wait until she says "NO NO pacey, my Cookie."

Next week at this time we will be taking our year pictures. I can't wait. I hope she does well. I am going to try to get in early to avoid a meltdown.

Yesterday was my mom and dad's 38th weddding anniversary. They are iN SD with Carson and Meilee on a mini vacation. Talked to her last night, and she was pissed; it had rained there every day so far. They had been doing all indoor stuff and were headed home today. IN 2 years we are going back to Rainbow Resort to celebrate their 40th. That should be great, can't wait.

Happy Friday everyone.!! I put shorts on LULU today for the 1st time this year. I said that's enough, it is time. Hope she stays warm all day!!



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday LULU!!

Well we had a wonderful birthday last Saturday, full of cake, craziness and cousins. The cake was very cute, there was a crazy amount of people, and all of her cousins, minus 2 were able to attend. We are so happy for all the friends who could be there also. It got to be a little long, and she didn't get her nap, so it got very interesting toward the end with a crabby birthday girl.
We had a busy day in Minot on Friday at a wedding and then hurried back to get ready for the party. Of course it rained and was totally crappy, so we all had to stay inside.
The menu consisted of sloppy joes, buns (baked by tammi, Thanks!!), cookie salad, potatoe salad, calico beans, and a great jello salad. Thanks to the moms for making the side dishes. Oh and moms great pickles.

I made her little cake to destroy, but used hard icing. I should have used messier icing for more of a cute mess. Oh well I will do that on the 19th when she gets her pictures taken. Can't wait for that. Hopefully she coopereates. If she is not hungry or tired, we will be OK. She got lots of nice gifts such as pool stuff, DVD's, firetrucks, a sandbox, snacks, clothes, PM figureines, and toys. It was very memorable. Thanks everyone. I will post pics later.

Oh the BM called on her birthday and left a message. I called her back and left a message on the FM phone. She called and chatted then on Sunday. She was having a good time in Fargo at her foster sister special olympics. I am sure it was a tough day for her, and it was good she was busy.

I kept it together and didn't even cry. My mom was proud of me.




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