Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walk arond the block

Lulu amazes me every day. Now she says "Go". I realized that's what I say when I want the dogs to get away from us when we are getting out of the high chair. Last night I went to help a friend with her wedding flowers and Grandma watched Karady. Grandma thought she would entertain her with a stroll around the block. Yes they strolled, but she insisted on walking, instead of riding. Grandma said they walked 4 blocks, then she was ready to stroll.
We are eating cucs from the garden, but no tomatoes yet. They aren't even orange yet. The pumpkins are going insane. We have also had grilled zuchinni quite a few times already.
Karady also knows which do is which. You can ask her where Pacey is and she points right to him, etc. You can ask her where her nose is, and she points to her head. Almost right!! She is well into the swing of things back at Daycare again. One little girl at her daycare was in the clinic the other day and showed a staff memeber her owee. The staff said oh what happened. She said, "Karady bit me." She knew of only one Karady and so she asked me the other day if my little LULU was a biter. I said absolutely. Oh what do you do.
We rode bike to the pool park the other day. My intention was to ride all the way out to Seaman park, but I changed my mind, when I barely made it to the pool. So we played on the swings, the slide and the Merry go round, and had a good time.
Lulu also sat in her first mud puddle on Sunday. WE went to see a friends new house, and Karady was playing pick up with my friends daughter. She would throw her NUK on the ground and McKenzie would pick it up and wash it with the water spigot. This went on for quite a few time, so there was quite a puddle. I let Lulu down to walk around, and of course the first place she sat down in was in the mud, in a dress. So I stripped her down to her diaper and we rode home half naked.
It's and adventure, I love every day.





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