Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has sprung

Karady has a doozy of a cold right now. We have been so lucky, she hasn't had many issues in that department. She is a little more cranky now, but still for the most part her crazy self.
I have so many adorable pictures I need to post, but to find the time. I feel like there is never enough. I am scrapbooking this weekend in Bismarck, so I have been trying to get caught up, so when I get back on Sunday, I can pack for the big trip to Minneapolis. It will be so nice to get away, and I am off work for a whole week. We want to go to the mall, which is right across from our Hotel, and the outlet mall. I can't wait. We hope to take Karady swimming for the 1st time also. I feel like I am totally not ready to go, and I am not. I have had to fight to take the truck, because there is just so much to take when you have a baby. I know the gas will be more but if we don't take it, then we won't be able to even bring anything back with us, including a new implant in an ear! ALso my back is giving me problems lately, and I don't think it can handle an 8 hour ride in my car.
Happy Birhday today to Cassie. We are going to the Harvest for supper with her. Also Happy 30th to Kristin yesterday. I am sure they all had fun in Vegas. Well I have to go get caught up with work so I can be gone next week.




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