Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Baby

We had our 18 month appointment on Monday. We are done with shots now until Kindergarten. WHOO HOO> LUlu is a little over 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall. She is only in the 70% range now. SHE used to be like 90 to 98%. WE went to see Santa with the BM also. At first she cried but then she was quiet. She threw her first big fit, just as the BM was coming to see her. She was laying on the the floor in the mall just howling. Not sure what she was upset about.

We finished our shopping, and had a nice visit with the BM and her foster mom. We played again at the Gateway Mall. It was getting late, so we drove through McDonalds and headed for home.

We are bracing for a nasty storm. We are both on call, and I don't work tomorrow. DOn't know if my mom and dad will be able to come. Not worth the risk. We will batten down and cozy up. Be safe if you are traveling. Happy night before Christmas eve.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Christmas

Well we are back from a great weekend. Karady and I rode along with my parents to Duluth. We left Linton at 6:15 Friday morning. I was so excited, I don't think I got any sleep. We had excellent weather, although it was cold. We were packed tight to say the least. Karady did so well. She fussed only the last 1/2 hour. WE had an awesome turkey and ham supper at Kris'. Thanks Kris for the hospitallity. Kris had the kids decorate cookies. That was a hoot. We heard Carson play the piano, which he is very good at. Thanks Carson, we really enjoyed it. THe kids played and we had a good time just visiting. We stayed in a vacation rental overlooking Lake Superior. What a nice place. You can see it at www.superiorvacationrental.com We would definately do that again.
Saturday mom and dad went to watch Carson and Meilee play basketball. They both really enjoy it. I opted not to go, since Karady was cooped up the day before. Taylor, Dylan and her played and fought over toys. They were fun to watch. We had hors de vours all day on Saturday, took an awesome group picture and opened gifts. Karady got some great gifts again, thanks everyone. I also got some great gifts, and some gift cards to go out to eat with. I made an awesome wine slush, which went over very well. Kris made hot buttered rums and they were yummy too. Kris did a project with the kids, and it turned out so cute.
We left this morning about 7:30. I got home about 5. The roads were a little bad. It must have snowed in the night. It really didn't slow us down too much. We ate lunch in Fargo and kept going. Karady once again did so well. SHe really loves her papa and grandma. While we were eating, everytime dad would go back to get more food she would yell out, at the top of her voice "PAPA". Once again she fussed only the last 15 miles or so. When we got home I started putting together her doll furniture she got for Christmas. She got so mad because I couldn't put it together fast enough. She loves every piece; so much that I caught her sitting in her baby playpen on numerous occasions. GO FIGURE :) What a blessed Christmas we had with my family. I am very gratefull to spend time with them. Thanks guys. Everyone was anxious to see Karady, and she really gave them a show with her dancing. What a girl.
I am waiting for NOlan to get home as I am typing. He had a snowmobile trip planned long before we planned on Christmas. He said he had fun. I am sure he did. We missed him.

Well I have tommorow off again. We have an 18 month check up and visit the BM. Not sure what the itineray is, but I know we will visit Santa. Nolan needs to finish shopping for his family.

My mom and dad are talking about coming for the weekend. Not sure when they are coming, but since Nolan and I are both on call, that would be nice if they could come for a long weekend. Short work week. YAY. I don't have daycare Christmas eve, so I am taking off. Karady will go and see Grandma Dorothy in the morning, and go to churce at 5:30. THen we will open gifts.



Merry Christmas!!!




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