Thursday, October 8, 2009

16 months

Our girl turned 16 months the other day. My how time flies. She is walking, talking, sassing, etc. Now she pulls out the chairs and climbs up on them. I am sure soon she will be found on top of the table. She fell off a chair already. More bumps and bruises to come. She is imitating more; trying to say names and words if you ask her. She still will only do the monkey sound on command. She says Jack now, pretty clearly. She can be such a card. Last night I think she got too much sugar at the home, because she was bouncing off the walls, and was very silly. She will go to bed on her own, which is a blessing. She goes down usually by 8:00. The nights go by so quickly, and it gets dark earlier and earlier.

We are hoping it warms up again to get outside and get some pictures with the falling leaves. I also need to cut down my perennials. The garden is all picked, and ready for the wood pile. It has been a strange year. Nothing is predictable, or like any other year.

Well Happy Fall



Monday, October 5, 2009


Not much going on with us. Had a very lazy weekend. I didn't get out of my PJ's yesterday. Quiet weekend for call.

Karady is making the monkey sound yet, and we are teaching her a cow also. Yesterday I think she said Charlie, we are working on that one. She can pull out the chairs and climb up on them now. ANd she falls off the chairs also.

Decorated for Halloween Saturday. Karady got a kick out of that. She also has her little hands on everything. I put away the summer clothes. With the chance of snow today, I figured it was time. Can't make myself put away the capri's yet. Getting my hair colored and cut on Wedensday. I can't wait. It is always uplifting.

That's all for now.




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