Saturday, February 7, 2009

8 months old.

Well yesterday LuLU was 8 months old. And her little brain, I swear said, "I am 8 months old today, so now it's time to move forward with crawling." 3 times last evening, she went from her but to her tummy in reach of a toy. Then when she was on her tummy, she would push herself backwards with her hands. She was moving all over the kitchen. Nothing is safe anymore.

The flu has been going around in Daycare, and I thought we had been lucky. NOpe. Yesterday morning she really filled her pants, to where I could hear it. So I changed her, and she has kind of been spitting up more lately. She went down at 6 and at midnight I changed her into her pj's because she hadn't gotten up. She was wide awake, so I got her up to eat. Well she urped up all over me, her supper repeated itself. Ugh baby puke. So I took her down to nolan and changed. THen she filled her pants again.. Her diaper was so full, I am glad it was on tight, because we could have had major problems. We will see what today brings. Nolan is watching her while I go to Napoleon to Scrapbook. Watch out you may get a call from him for help, my blog followers. Well I must be in the road. I will post her 8 month picture this evening.



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baker's Man

Last night the girl and I spent some time together playing. She was clapping her hands, and every time I would say pat a cake she would clap her hands. They have been working on it at daycare. She also will wave, I think when you tell her too, or maybe she is just absently flapping her little wing.

Then she took her nuke and was putting it in my mouth, and just giggling. I thought she was going to pee in her diaper, she was laughing so hard. She is also getting very cuddly, and squirming like a worm when you try to hold her. She should take off any day with crawling. She does laps on her butt at daycare, and JoAnn says she is not quite sure how she does it. i am unsure too. She is by you one minute, and when you look again, she is across the room.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


OMG, I am so full. I haven't felt this full since New Year's. And if you don't know, I ended up seeing my lunch again when I tossed my cookies. I think I had some kind of a bug then. We had way too much good food, thanks everyone!! We enjoyed the visit. I really didn't care who won. Not too much for good commercials. I guess everyone is feeling the crunch of the economy. Half time was nothing to brag about also. Bruce is so old, but he is very flexible. I did enjoy Faith and the Dream Girl lady, who just lost her mother, I think last name is Hudson, you know one of the American Idol winners. I guess this is the first performance since her family members were murdered. RIP. Karady seemed to enjoy the game and the company. She didn't go to be until after 9. Too much action. I think she pretty much sat on everyone's lap, and even jumped around in the Jumperoo for a short time. WE had a good day. Played pinocochle( I know that is not how to spell that) for a short time and came out of the whole to win!! WE ARE GREAT!! IN your face Paul!!. It was nice to see Dorothy Sannes again. She wanted to see Karady, so we went over for a few hours. My girl does like her mom. She cried for Paul when Tam and I went to the store.

Well I am so tired, and I have laundry all over the bed to fold, and guess what, no empty baskets. One more thing to put on the Walmart list. I have like 4 of them, but they all have stuff in them like toys, or other clothes to be put away. I really need to empty some out.

TTFN (for those of you that don't know the Jargin, it stands for TA TA for Now.




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