Monday, June 6, 2011

Turning three!!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful girl today. Three whole years!! My how time flies. WE celebrated with all my family (minus Kris, Missed you) and lots of friends. We stayed at a hotel and had the party there. That is a lot of stuff to drag mind you, but it all turned out great! We had a Dora theme, and her cake was beautiful. I would recommend Sam's club any day!! It was a challenge getting around Bismarck due to the flooding and Expressway being closed. We drove along the river and you can't even imagine all the water until you see it yourself. Those poor people. They were even sandbagged way back to 12th street! Thanks to all who attended. She loved all her gifts. SHe got 3 games from us and a new bike.
She hasn't mastered the pedaling thing yet, but she will.

Karady is somewhat of a fish. I throw a life jacket on her and she just goes. It has gotten to the point as long as I keep an eye on her she does well, I don't even have to be in the pool. I am going to try to get her into lessons, see how she does. Needless to say we were in bed by nine, we were way tired.

We were in the Hills recently and Karady had a blast. WE did Bear COuntry, OLD MacDonalds farm, Flinstone land, and Storeybook Island. She had so much fun. We will have to go again soon.

WEll my garden was in earlier than usual lately, and Karady helped me. A few pots need flowers yet, but we are finally getting some heat, so everything is really shooting up. Yay welcome back summer!! Where have you been for so long!!!

Well thanks for reading!!



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