Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Away We GO

Hello all from sunny Arizona. We started our day yesterday at 1030 from Linton. WE drove to Fargo to take Allegiant 653 to AZ. We had Ok roads going to Fargo. It was blowing and the passing lane was drifted shut in many places. WE arrived in Fargo about 1330. WE ate at Olive Garden and then went to the mall to give Karady a chance to run around a little bit in the dinosaur play land. WE then headed to the airport to get ready to board our plane. WE got thru security and then waited 2 hours to get on the plane. Karady was kind of wild, being cooped up so much. Our plane was full to capacity. We left 15 minutes late because they had to deice the plane. SHe fell asleep during take off, and slept about an hour. Our total flight time was 2 1/2 hours. She entertained the grandpa across the aisle and the 2 ladies behind us. She was getting mad that she couldn't run around. She did stand in the aisle and lay a little bit. WE landed on time at 8 15 and she didn't even get scared. WE then made our way into the Phoenix/Mesa airport to pick up our luggage. Grandma and papa anderson were right in front waiting for us. They were very happy to see us. WE were very hungary so papa took us to Wendy's for a bite to eat. Then we started on our 2 hour drive to Yuma. Karady was very irritatd with sitting in her car seat the last 1/2 hour of our trip. When we got to papa's house she ran around for a while, and I finally got her to sleep at 2 am, which by the way is 3 am our time.

Today she slept till about 8 am. THen we ate and decided to tour the area. Papa and grandma rented a toyota Sienna van. YEs it is safe. We took the pass thru the Gila mountain range and telegraph pass to Wellton to check out where papa used to park for 7 years. Karady was less than thrilled about being in her carseat, and so we stopped to visit some of papa and grandmas friends. WE had cookies and got on the road again. THen we looked at all the fields of lettuce, cauliflower, and date trees, which look like palm trees. We saw cactus and lots of sand and dry terrain. We say some workers in the fields picking lettuce and boxing it to go to the stores. THey flood thru canals to irrigate their crops. WE saw lots of Karady's cousins. WE saw lots of RV's and some beautiful homes. It got over 70 degress today. NOlan wore shorts and Karady and I had on Carpis. We saw lots of poverty along with the nice homes too. THe buses bring the workers to the fields and they pull port a potties. behind the bus. Many workers have their green cards and they cross the border to work here. We are 10 mile from the Mexican border and there is border partrol racing around constanly. THe immigrants try to sneak across at night thur the desert.

WE decided to check out the local Walmart, which is just down the road from us. Karady decided to toss her lunch in the childrens section. Of course I had no wipes or extra clothes with me because it was going to be a quick trip. SO grandma bought her a new outfit for valetines and I bought a pack of wipes. She was good on the ride home, but when we got to the RV, she lost it again. ANd many times after that. She keeps things down for a 1/2 hour, then it all comes back up again. SHe had diarrhea once. She is very clingy . Nolan ran to get pedialyte and supplies. WE are just glad it didn't happen on the plane. We hope she it better tommorow.





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