Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello from the Mini Apple

We left Monday for Minneapolis at 10:00 and took our sweet time getting here. WE stopped at the outlet mall to avoid rush hour traffic and shopped for Lulu for next year. Got some good stuff at good prices. WE borrowed the Sannes' van for more room, and also for the DVD player. Nolan put the earphones on her and she looked so cute. Thanks guys, NOlan would have never been able to buy his leaf blower and Karady's new Ceiling Fan in Fargo without it. So we got to our Hotel across from the MOA at 8:00 pm. Karady did so good. She was bouncing off the walls when we got settled, and didn't get to sleep until 11:00.

WE slept in the next day and went to Nolan's consult with Dr. Nissen. He was concerned once he looked into his ear that he would have to lay open the ear to do what he needed to do, which included putting in a graft for the ear drum. This meant of course that Nolan would have to be intubated. He has not had very good luck with intubation, as he gets so violently nauseated. Of course the last time he was intubated was 20 years ago. After the consult we went to the mall and had lunch at Bubba Gumps. IT was good, but spendy. THen we hit the scrapbook store, where Karady helped me with stickers I did not need, little hands are so fast. We then Hit the middle of the mall where Karady did a little ride, and we took pictures in Lego Land. We also walked throught American Girl, and Nolan was astounded by the price of the dolls. He said "If I am going to pay that much for a doll, it won't be played with." Just wanted to get that in writing, because more than likely we will visit again when Lulu is older. While we were in amusement part of the mall one of the workers stopped us and said what a heartbreaker our little girl was going to be. It's always the men who say that. We know she is very cute. In fact I watch the faces of strangers when we walk around, and so many when they see her, just beam with smiles. She has that affect on people. She is so precious and of course we know this, and think so too, as any parent would. We then went and built Karady's LULU bear at build a bear. We went through all the steps of building the bear. Nolan I guess promised her one if she was good on the trip there, and she was.
We took Karady swimming for the first time that evening. Oh Lord. I think we have a little fish on our hands. She loves her bath, in fact in the bathtub at the Hotel, she was all over the place. I would have thought she was on a slip and slide, totally out of contol. She doesn't care if water gets in her face, or anything. I had a baby floatie for her, and she didn't even care the water wasn't that warm. There was no baby pool, so we stayed in the big pool. When we took her out of the floatie she even moved her arms and legs like she wanted to swim.

We had to be up early the next day for surgery. We left by 8 and checked in. We took the stroller with, since that was the only way I could survive with our bag of goodies and a baby. She entertained everyone in the waiting room. One man watched her very intently, and decided she was probably going to be a lefty. I told him her dad wouldn't be happy to hear that. Nolan went down at 10:45, and didn't get out until 2:00. The doctor came and talked to me and said things went fine. Karady went to the McDonlads right in the hospital for a bite, and when we got back, Nolan was in recovery. Eating out so much, my diet was blown, and I am sick of fries. We won't know for a couple of months if it was sucessful until after all the internal packing comes out. He did well with the anesthesia, and we headed home. I had to drive home, and it was a piece of cake. Daddy rested, then we went to Target for some supplies for his ear. Karady got a new pair of socks and Daddy got a Star Trek model, since he was such a good boy in surgery.

We left on Thursday and headed for home. We ate at IHOP, which was very good. WE had never eaten there before. WE made only a few stops to go to the bathroom. Karady did well, and kept daddy busy in the back with snacks and playing pickup. WE got home at like 5:00 and then I unpacked, and Karady of course went nuts again, since she had been cooped up all day.

Well that's all.




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