Thursday, November 12, 2009

On The Other Side

Well since my last post, we have had some sleepless nights, went thru almost a bottle of advil, and a bottle of Tylenol, and have done nothing but rest. I noticed the house has been staying picked up, since LULU has been to ill to play. The picture from the last post is nothing compared to what she looked like yesterday. Poor little thing had the rash so bad in her hair, I am sure she was miserable. WE added a benedryl regimine to all the other meds to make her more comfortable. I get up and check her at least two times in the night, and every time she if burning up and needs more meds. Her little eyelids are so swollen she just has slits for eyes. Her appetite has been good for the most part. She is very good about taking her medicine. Wednesday morning she stayed home until 9:30 with Nolan until she felt better. Otherwise she has been to daycare except for Monday. This morning she woke up on her own, was talking and had more energy. The space between medication doses has been getting bigger, so I know she is getting better. THe rash was gone from her head, but her eyelids were still very swollen. They call this illness fifth disease because when they discovered it, it was the fifth viral illness after measels, chicken pox, etc. How original. So she did skip the first four. I believe there is also a sixth disease. Her dad was ill this morning with a little gastroenteritis, so I hope he is well enough to take care of LULU, because me and 4 other buddies are off the Fargo tomorrow to scrapbook for the weekend.
It makes me feel better knowing that she is getting better. She may have to take care of her dad. HAHA>



Monday, November 9, 2009

Skipping one thru four

Well I am home today again. NO not for Daycare, but because Lulu is sick. She was very tired looking yesterday and felt warm all day. After she got up from her evening nap she was on fire. I took her temp and it was well over 102. So I gave her Tylenol. She ate good, and was her almost normal self. She did like to cuddle more. SHe took her bath and had her dose of Tylenol before bed. NOlan checked on her at midnight when he came to bed and she was wimpering in her sleep and she was very warm again. I checked her temp and it was over 103. She also had a lot of wierd raised blotches on her legs. So we fed her more Tylenol and put her in bed with us. Nolan went to the hospital for ibuprofin because I have no idea where my sample bottle is. Lulu like to play with it in the car and I am not sure what happened to it. After 2 hours we gave her ibuprofin and put her in her bed. I set my alarm to check on her at 4 am, then I knew I would get up at 6:30. She was cool on each check. I waited until 7:30 and called ROss to let him know I wouldn't be in. By 7 when she got up she was at 100 again, so I gave her more Tylenol. I made an appointment and got in at 9 in the clinic. We thought that the rash was just a heat rash, but it continued to get worse. ALl the wierd blotches were gone though. SHe was like her normal self at the clinic in fact her temp was 98.6. Dr. O diagnosed her with fifth's desease. I figured it was something like that. SHe has no other symptoms, no runny nose or anything else. I mainly wanted her ears checked to make sure that it wasn't ear infection. NOthing we can do but treat the fever because it is viral. SHe took a nap from 10 to noon and by the time she got up again, five hours after her tylenol her temp was over 103 again. She just is miserable and pitiful.. She can go to daycare tomorrow, we will just have to dose her with Tylenol and ibuprofin. It is not contagious, and should last 3 to 5 days. After being on the couch 4 two hours whining and burning up, as I type now she is running around and playing. SHe at a good lunch. It is just so scary to have them so sick. I even contemplated taking her to Bismarck to the pediatrician, but I think she is going to be OK. I will keep you posted.



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