Monday, March 21, 2011


Those words seem to come out of my mouth almost every day lately. It starts with the little dance and the shake of the hips. Next comes the unending tantrums and shouts, and crying because we don't get our way. I always like to see more smiles than tears, but somedays it doesn't happen. Later it is said after we have gone all day at home and have not pottyed one time in the toilet. (By the way we have been potty training over a year now)

Not only do I feel this way now, but I know the future is to bring so much more. I know we have a gorgeous girl with the dark hair and of course the always mentioned big brown eyes! We can't go anywhere without hearing that!! I am not conceited, just stating a fact. I know how cute girls are treated, and how they operate. I was not a "Cute" girl, but believe me I know how they work. I think I need more self help books and child raising guides to get through this one. I do not want a monster on my hands. Sometimes I think I see a glimmer of one, and then I ground it again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Not much new here. Nana Muriel came to visit in March. Great Nana was getting to near the end of her life, and she was here when she died. She died March 4th. We are so glad Muriel was here, because there was a lot to take care of. We had a nice public viewing on March 8th and about 6 to 8 friends and family came for the day, and it was really not a very nice day. Grandma will always be remembered by us, especially for her sharp mind, well into her 90's. WE will miss her. We have lots of reminders of her in our house. Like the clock we gave her right after we got married, and a praying hands ceramic piece I made for her years ago. If you ask Karady where she is, she will point up and say "Heaven". Yes Karady without a doubt. She will be buried the weekend after Easter next to her husband in Columbus. It will be nice to see all of Nolan's cousins again. I am anxious to go and see the family homestead, and I have never been up in that part of the world. She was ready for a very long time to go, and she finally got her wish. We love you and miss you. Say Hi to everyone!!





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