Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Does anyone else think that the snow can just stop??? I wish Karady was old enough to go sledding. NO I DON"T I don't want to wish away the years of my baby.

I have a terrible time keeping the blanket on the car seat when we go to and fro from Daycare. She gets an arm out and then the blanket starts to slide down over her head. That's the nosyness in her, wanting to see what is going on all around her.

Her tooth is not fully visible, but it is there. She still does not like solids, and some days I give up and just give her the bottle. Doesn't she know all the good stuff to come??? Icecream, candy, cookies, meat, and all my other favorites.

She does like her bath though. I have to plan differently, because I skipped it last night because the biggest loser was on, right at that time. Of course BEK hasn't gotten DVR yet, so I had to watch it. Oh well, no shows on tonight, so she can take a dip.

I keep thinking about going to the lake this summer and all the fun we will have. We already have a date for July 17th. I will have to get her a suit. The one I got, I am sure will be too small. She will probably need more than one. She will be one year old then. We can go strolling, and bike riding, and go to the pool. All those things I have longed to do for so long.

The clock is telling me it's time to go!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Anderson 3

Had a busy-lazy day today. Went to see a friends new house, and it made me realize how truely small mine is. I call it cozy.

Our girl is so very good. Everyone commented on how cute and good she was. I quickly put together my pictures from our xmas session to take to the ball tonight, because I figured someone would ask, and I pulled them out 3 times. We had a good time at the ball, but the babe did need Tylenol to quiet her at bedtime. She is teething you know.

I feel like I did not have a complete family before she joined us. I get asked all the time "can you remember before you got her, and how different your life is?". I tell them, I can barely remember what it was like without her. Yes I had more time to myself, and I got much more done, including scrapbooking, but all that when put into perspective is nothing compared to what we have now. Sbhe completes our lives, and I can't remember a time without her anymore.

My mom was shopping at Walmart and called me and asked if she needed a Christimas dress for next year. They were on sale for 1/2 price. I had looked at them before, but thought that she could wear one of Taylors. I caved and told Grandma to get her one, and of course she regreted going into the toddler section, since so much was on clearance. She is such a good bargain shopper. For those that care, I believe she will be in 2T for next fall/winter. I love to shop clearance, or clarence as I call it, and she it well set for summer. Since her mom loves clothes, why shouldn't she pass that on to her daughter.

We got her birth certificate in the mail today. Yep, she is listed as our daughter, and we are her parents. It is real. I have the proof. And it is certified. Only cost 11 to prove it, on top of the 12.o00 in fees not including the lawyer. Did I mention we have figured out there is a tax credit? Yeah. This is good. We will be switching CPA's since that was the deal if a competitor to our usual CPA could find the credit, and she came through. OF course she is pregnant herself and due on April 15th, how ironic. We just need to apply for the SSN and we are set, or course after all the W-2's arrive in the mail.

To summerize, the Anderson 3 is complete, with birth certificate in hand. Of course we don't need a piece of paper to tell us this. It is in our hearts from the first time we saw her, and the last time she left her foster parents and were placed in our arms. Yes it may be the alcohol talking, since I just came from the ball, but my heart overflows with love for my family and the brown eyed girl that is ours.

Well TTFN>




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