Monday, September 28, 2009

Prayer Request

This weekend I learned of a 16 year old named Brandy George who needs our prayers. You have to read the history of the journal to see why we did the above picture. She was in a head on collision and is in really bad. She is getting better, but is very fragile, and needs all the prayers she can get. Please visit caring Bridge and type in Brandy George.

cucumbers and wine

Hello all!! I just got back from a wonderful scrap weekend in Finley at the Dakota Getaway lodge. You can take a peak at www.dakotagetaway.com. This place is truely tailored for the scrapbooker. All the tools imaginable and 2 cricut machines, what more could you ask for. I got 41 pages done. YESSSS!! Would have gotten more done, but there was a 5 hours bout of drunkeness without eating on Saturday evening. It was so much fun. The group I wend with was mostly from Steele. They were a blast. WE went through like 14 bottles of wine, and then the cucumbers came out. That's all I will say. We laughed so much. I missed my girl terribly, but I got so much done. Melissa got like 84 pages done. She rocked it. Didn't get much sleep and kind of am getting a cold now. I met one girl who adopted from Fargo, and another who's daughter adopted from Ethiopia. They were both so cute. THe one from Ethiopia got to meet Evander Holyfield on the plan back from getting their dauther. I thought that was neat.

Now for an update on Karady. She is something else. She is all over the place. When you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do she says "hu ahh". Like no way, not going to do it. WHere did she get that from. She tries to whistle, and it sounds like a monkey, so now when you ask her what the monkey says, she says "OH OH." She is really into dolls now, and he shape sorter. Nolan had a good time with her on the weekend, and she slept in until 8 for him. She can tell you when she is hungry by shaking her head, or going to the hight chair.

If anyone needs pumpkins, call me. I grew 35 this year. What was I thinking. I am giving them away. They are not huge, but I would say nice sized for carving simple things, or for decoration. LEt me know.





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