Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Busy times.

I have been laid up with my back. It comes and goes, but it is pretty painful again. I am in PT and it has helped. I swear to God Karady knows I can't maneuver very well, and so she squirms all over the place for diaper changes and clothes changes. Which brings me to my title.

Karady is well on her way in her terrific two's. She is so independent, and won't allow you to help her at all. When she sets her mind to something, you can't change it. I told Nolan she is just like him. Mornings are a struggle to get out the door. It seems like she is throwing a fit most of the time. I can see that going out to eat with her will be optional any more. We went to the Bayside to eat on Sunday, and she had a few fits. THe food was good. We are glad to see it open again. Karady is referring to herself as MEME. YOu ask her what her name is and it's MEME. MEME is a challenging little girl. Lord give me strength.

We completed her swingset. She has so much fun on it. She loves the slide, and she swings until she gets dizzy. It is a challenge to get her to come in for the evening, and she loves to wander all over the yard, and into the neighbors. A fence is looking pretty good right now.

My mom just had cataract surgery. She says it went well. I pray she has good results, and so she can read again. SHe is set to have the other eye done soon after, if she has good results with the first.

Well I have all my flowers, but with the back thing going on, I haven't done anything with them. Also there is wood yet in my beds, so planting has not been done yet. Maybe this weekend, if I go slow. I spent most of the day in bed last Thursday, because that is all I could do.

Karady's vocabulary is progressing rapidly. NOw she says "yep, or Nope". Crazy how fast they learn sland. She still loves her babies, and I catch her soothing them and kissing them. She is also very sassy, and loves drama. How do they learn these things??

We visited Grandma Dorothy in Strasburg for her 98th Birthday on the 8th. she looked good. Jenenne and Don came from Montana too. We had them for supper then that night. We ate cake and icecream with grandma. Karady loved the sugar high.

I want to say how sorry we are we couldn't attend Meilee's dance recital. WE hear it was very good. I will be looking for pictures. We truly enjoyed last years.

Well so much for all of that.





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