Friday, July 24, 2009

The Cruise

OK, so we celebrated our 12th Anniversary last night with a cruise. Of course it isn't until Sunday, but we were both not on call.
We boarded the Avenger, a sleek yellow jet boat at the Beaver Bay Marina. Our captain was Captain Dockter and his first mate Feist. After departing from the dock, with all the fanfare, we sped across the bay, skull and cross bones flag whipping in the wind. The plume of water we shot out behind us was quite impressive. After a short 5 minute weave around the submerged trees we beached our liner at the Prairie Knights marina. THe seas were calm, and not a one of us was sea sick. A short hike up the marina mountain brought us to the Marina phone, where we called for our driver to come retrieve us. Our captain Dockter entertained us with his antics with the driver. The trip to the Casino was longer than the journey across the bay. We arrived at the Casino and weaved through blue hair and smoke to the Feast of the Rock. We dined with the natives and it was quite good. After a fine meal we tried our hands at the slot machines, and I won a bit of money; a whole $9.00. Of course I can only speak for myself. First mate Feist and I enjoyed a cocktail at the bar, then we all proceeded to the Black Jack tables. I was just a spectator, as I don't know the game very well. The first set was favorable for the players, but the second set went to the Casino. As it was getting near sundown, we daparted from the Knights, and had Jeeves our driver take us back down to our vessel to make the journey home. No one left empty handed, but no one came home rich either. We took our time coming across the mighty Missouri and enjoyed the beautiful glass like water and cooling eveing. Bugs greeted the light First Mate Feist shone one the water to guide our way. WE shut down the motor and just drifted for a while enjoying the quiet and solitude of the sea. Then reality of the time set in and we docked and departed the vessel, and made our way home. It was a fine evening, and the entertainment was spectacular. We filled the natives pockets and our bellies with their Feast. Karady's relatives would have approved. WE checked on our bronze baby who was in peaceful slumber. It was a fine time, and we would suggest it to anyone. The Marina pontoon runs on the weekends, and the schedule is 10 am to 8 pm, departing from the bay every 2 hours. Try your hand and take a trip if you have the time.

Happy 12th Anniversary to the love of my life. THanks it was fun.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Turning Back Now

Well Lulu is well on her way to walking. She barely crawls at all anymore. At the lake this weekend she really got her exercise.
Speaking of the Lake, it was crappy weather for 2 days, one beautiful evening, and of course the day we were to leave it was beautiful. The kids still swam in 70 degree weahter, and we all swam on Sunday before we came home. It was nice to be together. We had 13 people sleeping inside a 2 bedroom cabin. We had a great time though. Brian put the water tramp and slide out between the docks, and unloaded the wave runner and took the kids tubing. They had so much fun. Karady and I swam a bit and went down the slide. She had a ball. She tried to bite her cousin numerous times when he cut in front of her to go down the little slide. I got lots of my book read and it was wonderful to get away. NOlan fished, and didn't catch much, but he has been looking forward to getting away for a long time. It put the itch in him to have a place like that. Just a pipe dream my man. We want to thank Kristin and Brian for their hospitality. We greatly apprecaited it. Hope to do it again some day.
The countdown is on to our Sturgis vacation. I am not looking forward to leaving Karady. She will do fine, but I am afraid she won't know us after a week. She will have fun at Grandmas, and I am sure she will get to go swimming and play with all of the Daycare kids.
Made a new drink last night. Got the recipe from the Cabin. I think it is called Skip and Go Naked, but I am still verifying that with Kristin. It sounds wierd, but Norris, Muriel and I loved it. here goes:

1 can frozen lemonaide
2 can water (24 oz. total)
1 can vodka ( i Use only 1/2) or 6 oz.
1 can beer

Mix together and serve over ice.

You could use any type of lemonaid and I used crystal light tubs and filled my measuring cup to make 12 oz. Try it, you might like it. It makes about 2 quarts.

Well thats all

Oh P.S. Nolan had a hearing test today and it was a little better. He still has some packing in. GO NOLAN>




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