Saturday, January 24, 2009


Who knew?? Today would be the day that LuLu proved to me she really can drink from a sippy cup well, including her milk. She had her first biter biscuit today, and of course made a huge mess. Luckily it was her bath night. She was biting off pieces and half choking, but she got it that she had to kind of chew on them to get them down. We had banans with cereal and sweet peas before lunch, with a forumula chaser. And after her one hour nap she had pears and sweet peas again for a sweet pea, and cereal. She ate so well. She was kind of crabby today, I think that she is pushing through the second tooth. We gave her some Tylenol, and she was in a much better mood.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beating Heart

OK those of you who watch Gray's and Private Practice will know what I am talking about. So I was watching tonight, and when the little boy was dying, my heart actually hurt. When Bailey was telling the mother to hold him and tell him it was OK to go, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I guess that is what the love of this baby has done to me. I do cry a lot usually at many shows, but to actually not to be able to breathe. Wow. And then Private Practice had a baby that was going to be adopted and was born with a diaphramatic hernia, and the adoptive parents backed out because they couldn't handle the pressure of making the decision of what to do for the baby. I just thought about how very lucky we were that Karady was born with no defects and that she is perfect. Things can go so very wrong with births and it is a wonder that so many babies are born defect free. The birth mother decided to keep the baby then, but then reconsidered when the adoptive parents wanted to step back into the picture. It made me think about what our BM would have thought had we not stuck it out when we were going through the valley of hell. We showed her that we were there for her no matter what, even though things were falling apart all around us. I have read that indecision is OK and normal because it gives the birthparents time to heal and come to the right decision, and to see what is right for them.

I know I have thanked Tammi before but I would have never gotten through that day without her. She listened to me cry on the phone as my world was falling apart. THanks a million times.

Well enoughcrying for now.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Making

Well I watched some of the inauguartion tonight. I just keep thinking of telling Karady some day how amazing it was to watch it on TV, the first Black President. You all remember watching movies from the future, and there is always a black president. In her lifetime, there will maybe be many more, and it won't seem so rare.

Went to Bismarck today to get a social security number for LuLu. It was very busy, and there was a man, who clearly was not old enough to be collecting retiree benefits, who didn't know how to spell Bismarck. Some days are a real eye opener. Luckily I had her immunization records with, because the two other documents I guess were not enough, contrary to what we were told. Well the paperwork is in process, and soon she will be registered with the social security office, for benefits, I know I will not see in my lifetime. Oh and she didn't even cry for her flu shot she got.

Did some shopping for next winter. I love to shop Clarence. Got some good stuff. I got the cutest Minnie skirt jumper with fur on the bottom for next Christmas. I have been buying 2T, I hope I am right. I have a good start for her wardrobe. I looked at swim suits today. Almost bought one, but waiting for a sale. Got 2 cute shirts for christmas, 3 pair of cords and 5 pair of other pants. Picked up a pair of what I thought were jeans at Old Navy, and they looked pretty short when I got them home, guess they are capris. Old Navy pants are great because they have an adjustable waist, so I may be able to cinch them up good and she can wear them this summer/fall. She really isn't big around in the waist, just very long body and legs.

Met the Sannes' minus 2 for lunch at the Olive Garden again. If you don't already know Karady does not keep her socks on. She is constantly pulling them off. So after we were done, we went to get her flu shot, and I couldn't find one of her socks. It is MIA, and not to be found in the truck, so I would guess it is Olive Garden. So we had to go into the Doctor with only one sock on, then right to Target to buy a pair of socks. Note to self, put an extra pair of socks in the diaper bag. Almost lost another of the new socks in Old Navy, because she pulled one off and dropped it over the side. Do they make sock finders?? Maybe I should invent this, for those babies who don't like to keep their socks on.

Having a baby, the Walmart list gets longer every time. Bought fruit today, and some other mixed veges, and puffs for snacks. Nolan argues with me about keeping her clothes vs. selling them this spring at a rummage sale. It is true we don't have lots of room for storage, but I just can't see getting rid of them so soon. You just never know what may happen in the future. What do you think?? I have mixed feelings.

Well TTFN.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well the baby proofing will get under way soon. LuLu is getting more and more mobile while she is seated. You can put her against the cupboard and before long she has maneuvered herself to over by the pub table chairs. She is very confident when she is sitting, and tries to reach out all over. Today she was eyeing the knobs on the cupboards. You could almost see the wheels in her head turning, "um, I think I could reach that top one there. She spends very little time in her walker, but when she does, she like to help unload and load the dishwasher.

She gets mad when you take things away from her. If she is not too hungry, she eats her cereal like a real trooper. We are fluctuating between semi constipation, and huge blow outs that creep up to her shoulders (that happened at Daycare Friday). I have started to give her juice in her sippy cup with her cereal to try to even her out. We went through almost a whole container of sweet potatoes today. Still on veges, but she has gotten applesauce also.

SHe took 2 good naps for me today. SHe barely sleeps at all at Daycare. She is just too nosy, she thinks she might miss something.

SHe just loves her bath! SHe would stay in until the water got cold. SHe plays with her rubber duck, and piglet. SHe sits so nice in her little tub.

The weather was very nice today, but then also there was wind. THe roads were awefull around here, very icy. We stayed put as I am on call. No call ends as of press time. I don't mind.

We are attending Charlies third birthday tomorrow (actually it already is, so I guess today). HE is 3. WE played dominoes and cards with them tonight. It was nice to get out of the house. Nolan had made other plans, so he played call of duty all night.

Lord thank you so much for this gift you have given us, and your guideance of our BM to choose us. I searched the adoption profile online at our agency and there are 28 couples with their profiles posted. 8 of them already have children. I want all our readers to click on the youtube link below and hear storey behind Mark Schultz's song "Everything to Me". Then follow the second link watch the video to the song. I cry every time I watch it. I found the lyrics printed out in a box from our BM, along with some Christmas ornaments for Karady. Well here are the links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z61zdZJ9uZc (storey behind the song)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhqJYOYcnAU ( the song)



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