Thursday, February 26, 2009

And again

Well it seems we got LOTS of white stuff again here today. I opened the door out of the house, well barely got it open, and I was met by a 2 foot high drift. Luckily I had the truck to take Karady out to daycare, because the streets in town are full. Stupid me, I thought, you know I should have a cell phone with me, because I could easily get stuck from here to here.

Karady slept from 6:30 last night, until 6:30 this morning. She had a big day yesterday I guess, all that art work. Nolan said it was from the marker fumes. I didn't even give her her bath, so there a few remnant green marks on her hand from yesterday escapades. She amazes me with how fast she gets around now. I rolled her piggy bank money yesterday and got well over $150. I need to do something with it. I would like to put it in a college savings fund, but with the market the way it is, I would be better off sticking it under her crib.

Nolan took off the Fireman's convention today, leaving me with the car. We have come up with a back up plan in case the roads don't get plowed by 5. I plan to pack tonight for my weekend getaway across town. Going to load up the kids (dogs included) and stay at the Sannes', because I am on call and alone with LULU. We have wonderful food planned, scrapbooking, and maybe a facial. Note to self, don't forget my collection of chick flicks. I can run home if I do forget something, that is if they plow the streets. Maybe we can get in a game of Dominoes. The Pleinis' may come over Saturday to learn if they are not too tired from moving, if that is OK with the Sannes', another note to self, talk to Tammi about this.

Pray that Nolan gets to bismarck OK, the Plienis' get moved, and everyone is safe on the ugly roads and winter weather today. I heard we may get a repeat of 96 in March. Hopefully it is not the weekend I have planned for my scrapbooking retreat.

well TTFN.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready for St. Pats

Well all I will say is see Tammi's post on the Sannes boys blog for today 2/25/09. If you do not follow her blog, you can be connected to it from mine, or go to www.thesannesboys.blogspot.com enough said.. Nolan figures we need to start looking for back up daycare. 2 incidences in one week is a little much. HAHAHAHHAHAH

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Has anyone ever say they felt like Jello?? That is what I felt like ofter my massage today. I felt tense in my neck and shoulders before I went, and I had a huge knot in my left shoulderblade. After I walked out of there, it was like I could just melt into the chair I was sitting in. I swear to god though she was going to push that knot through me to get it out of there. Dani you are a Saint. I need to go more often. I owe myself a 1/2 hour every now and again to get all the kinks worked out. I highly recommend massages.

Well as I call it, it is the beginning of "My Crazy Life" . Karady is oh so mobile. SHe was rolling and sitting up all day today at Tammi's. You cannot keep her still. ANd she is so loud. Two people said to me today, she will be walking before she is one. Lord help us. I think she gets into a lot now, I know there will be so much more. SHe already is looking up and chairs and such and you can just see the wheels turning in her head. Tonight she was pushing against Tammi's leg, while we were relaxing on the bed, and she stood straight up. Our little girl is growing so fast. Look out world, here she comes. SHe has started the business of throwing herself back also when you are holding her.

Well TTFN.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sit Ups

Karady is with Tammi for the last 3 days. She goes back to normal daycare next week. Before I came to pick her up Tammi was going to change her diaper and she flipped over and then sat up by her self. OMG can you believe it?? THen I put her on her stomach, and she did it again in front of her dad and me. Tammi said also she was all over today, and she also caught her on her knees with one foot on the ground, like she was going to try to stand. She is progressing far to fast. I think she is going to be very busy. We will have to get the gates up and out for use soon.
She is such a good girl though, and we are getting prepared.

Well TTFN.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Weekend, Another milestone

WE had a very lazy weekend. It started with an awesome scrapbooking evening with awesome food, by Cassie. NOte to self, get the recipes. My mom showed up and cropped for a short time. We laughed SO much. I have such a good time with my group. We didn't stop until like 2 am, which is very typical for us. My mom had to take a nap on Saturday to catch up.

Karady was in fine form all weekend, showing her grandparents bye bye, and so big, and a little pat a cake. She babbles non stop. My mom said she is going to have to find an inside voice, becasue she is so loud. She also commented on how well she picks up her vege/fruit puffs. Today she reached another milestone, which many infants reach with pets. She was practicing her good finger pincher pick up by eating dog food this morning. I was having some wonderful weight watchers desert I made, and i looked over and there she was in the dog dish, a piece in her mouth, and one in her hand, just as proud as can be. She also gets into the magazines downstairs all the time. I call her Scooter II after my nepher Dillon who many time will scoot on his butt instead of crawling. Karady does the exact same thing, but is much slower.

We played Dominoes last night, and had a good time with my parents. It was so great to see them, and Karady is so lucky to have such a great and loving family, and friends. She wasn't even shy towards them, which she does a lot lately. She hasn't seen them since the end of December.

I have my own personal prayer chain in my head, and heart and here it is: Miradna Huber who is 8 and has leukemis, Russ Mertes and his brain cancer, Kyle Heidrich the 7 month old with a horrible genetic disease, and now Berta and her inoperable brain tumor. OH and also the infant that Cassie knows with cancer. The list grows longer, but I still pray every night for them, if you have a minute, please do so also.

WEll my baby has to be fed, and needs a nap, so TTFN.



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