Monday, October 19, 2009


What a busy weekend we had. Friday Karady and I met Papa and Grandma in Sterling to do some exchanges. Brian and Kristin moved this weekend, so they were on their way to help.

Saturday Karady and I went to a wedding. Missy and Jeff had a nice day, and a beautiful wedding. Karady was something in church. She was not quiet by any means and we went out of church a few times to distract her. The photographer took a picture of her looking over the pew, during the ceremony. Daddy and his buds cut and hauled 5 pickup loads of wood. When I left from the reception I got a text that he was done and still had all of his appendiges. It is dangerous work. Thanks Jack and Travis for all your help. Thanks Lyle for the wood. Karady feels pretty good. Her poop still isn't back to normal, but she may be teething also. It's hard to look in her mouth these days to check things out. H1N1 has been running rampid through our area. I hope she stays well. I am thinking I will not give her the shot. I am not going to get it, and I am not going to stress over it.

Sunday Karady and I made a Walmart/sam's run. She did good, but threw a fit going into Walmart. She didn't want to sit in the cart. She screamed all the way in. I tried to do some Christmas shopping for her, but they didn't have what I wanted. When we got back home we helped Daddy stack the mountain of wood he had split. Karady even carried about 5 pieces. It was a beautiful day, and we were glad to be outside. Karady now can do a kitty, duck, and monkey sound. She also tries to repeat what you say.

Well TTFN. Thanks for checking in.



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