Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh what a great word. I need to learn to embrace it and learn more of it. "Mom you need to have more patience." See I can't even spell it!! Yes I know I need more of it. I think a gain a cup of patience every day. Some days it all flies out the window and I have to start again, but I think I am getting better. Potty training has been very taxing. WE go for three days, no accidents, then one slip up of not telling her to go, and she stands there and pees her pants!! It's very infuriating to me. My wise mother says that it is one of the hardest things to get them trained to do. Yep I totally agree.

We are looking forward to Easter. My mom and dad are coming for the weekend. We are baking green cupcakes with green frosting and sunflower covered seeds for eggs. I had to put a little white sugar sprinkles on top of them for snow, given our current weather situation. We are also making a bunny cake. I will post the final product. We are planning on going to the grocery store to see the Easter Bunny on Saturday, that should be fun.

Karady has been begging to go outside lately. She played at the Sannes for an evening about a week ago (when I thought spring was finally here) and can't wait to go out after work now every day. Of course the snow tells us we should stay inside, so we are waiting. Patiently!!

I started going to Zumba about a month ago. I LOVE it. It gets me sweating and moving and I am sure I am quite a site. I have been stuck in the front row since day one. DOn't know why they would put me in front. Really, how can anyone else see around me with my height and girth? Well now I don't mind, I think I catch more. I was never really sore from it, but it is taxing on my feet. It gets better every time I go. THe time really flies. Karady comes with me most nights, and she really does do very good. I feel like my Jeans are fitting looser. I have yet to weigh myself. I need to get a new battery for my scale. I am trying to eat better, and I think ZUmba is a good reminder of that. Of course the Easter candy still calls my name. Like the Peeps of course.

WE have a busy next few weekends planned, so my house will I'm sure need a bulldozer by the time the next month of weekends is over. I DO NOT get time off during the week, so I do my cleaning on the weekends. SO we bury Nolan's grandma next weekend, then the next weekend I am scrapbooking for 3 days, then Karadyand I are riding with to Duluth for Meiles's Dance Recital. BUSY, BUSY@!!!!

Well we hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Two more sleeps and Nana and Papa will be at our house.




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