Thursday, February 19, 2009

Under the Bed

So I have been missing some of Karady's bowls that I use for her cereal. SOme of you might not think this is cool, but I do let my dogs lick the leftovers out of her dishes if she doen't eat all of her cereal. They do say a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans, but I can't see how, considering how they bathe themselves. I asked Nolan, since when he cleans the dishwasher out, things seem to find new homes. He didn't put them any other place. Hum I thought, where could they be. Then I remembered that Pacey will take stuff under the bed when he gets into something he shouldn't have. So I checked and sure enough, there were 3 of them. I told nolan about it, and he asked what else was under there. I told him I didn't know and was afraid to look.

G & G Treiber are coming for a visit this weekend if the weather is good. We haven't seen them yet this year. The last time we were together was for the Finalization Day. We are excited to show off all the new tricks we have learned.

Karady is doing much better at her temporary Daycare's. I think she was also a little constipated, because after she took a healthy dump the other day, of course all the way up her back twice, she seemed much happier.

I want you all to pray for a little boy who is very sick, and won't get better. He is 2 weeks younger than Karady. He has a genetic disease called Krebbe's which manifests itself at about 6 months of age. He is very fussy, and will eventually go blind and deaf, and most die by age 2. Their lives are very painful with losing the ability to eat and they get very stiff. His name is Kyle and he has 4 brothers and sisters. WE pray that he will be made comfortable and that his family will be able to spend as much of time with him as he has remaining. We are so thankful that our baby has remained healthy and so full of life. Anyone interested in viewing his caring brige website can go to www.caringbridge.org and enter in kyleheidrich under the name part. He is a very cute little boy who will be greatly missed by his family.

Well we have ambulance meeting tonight, and we scrapbook tomorrow. Karady will go to her second home the Sannes'. They just got very busy at work again, but luckily are not busy tonight.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to Reality

Well Happy V-day to all of you----- a day late. So many people say Valen"times" around here. Do they not know how it is spelled??? Maybe they have a hearing problem. Whatever it is, I guess just so the meaning is there.
I was way busy yesterday keeping up with LULU and then getting ready for the wedding. It was very nice, and we had a lot of fun. Our poor church was bursting at the seams. It seems the whole town was invited. Probably the first big Linton wedding I was able to attend. Saw lots of red, and it was a beautiful day for them.
Got a call from the BM. She is at the Hegel's again. I was not sure where she was at, then I saw the name come up on caller ID, and I knew immediately who it was. It seems her mother is back to using, and things are not going well for her. She told me her grandma was moving to Oregon, and she wants to visit her again. SHe is enrolled at Bismarck High now and taking a Child Development class. She has a better grasp on the stages of infant developement now I think. She is saddened she won't be going home to live with her mother. Her mother thinks she chose adoption to "get back" at her. She still does not regret her decision, but she does miss her. I didn't mention the next Dr's appointment in March, but our communication agreement does allow for a minimum of 4 visits a year. Nolan thought maybe we should schedule one. It is such a reality check. I think about our plan and our journey, and after a while you slip into a routine, and then one day you run into a brick wall and reality slaps you in the face again, that we may well have to deal with open adoption for the rest of her life. I know this, but maybe it's more like someone pinches you and says hay the triagle has 3 sides, and the 3rd side fell back into place again. She also spoke of getting out of the system in 2 years, and how hard it is going to be on her own, and she won't live with her mother because they don't get along. The storey was so the opposite a few months ago. The cycle. How do you break it? Her mother has also been spending a lot of time with her father, who I believe is the culprit of the visious cycle. Pray for our BM, that she makes the right choices and gets her life on track. Karady also recieved a very cute card from her. We agreed we hope we get a good social worker at the Village. I have to make pictures to send to her. The Hegel's are very nice, and she has been there before. Small world premise again. When she was with them, she had just chosen us, and had shown our profile to the Foster Mother. She knew immediately who Nolan was, because they own Superior Silk screen, and we do lots of business with them. Good thing it was an open adoption. Kim (the foster mom) was there for us in the hospital on Karady's birthday, and was a good support for us to lean on.

Karady had a sitter, and did very well. She has such stranger anxiety now, it gives me anxiety to leave her with someone new. She was sitting in the kitchen when the sitter walked in , and she let out a wail the minute she saw her. I thought, OH Lord, here we go. Thanks for all the gifts from everyone. She has worn all of her clothes, and played with all the toys, and used the bib.

As you are aware Karady is staying with the Sannes part time while her sitter is on Vacation. Tammi takes her to religion with her. Her goal by the end of the 3 weeks is to make her a convert. She will be able to pray the rosary when she lays awake in her crib at night. Oh well, could be worse.

The picture is really from Friday, but she was all geared up for the day. She had a party at Daycare on Thursday, I am sure she had lots of fun.

Well TTFN, Back to Reality



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