Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

OMG. I am sitting it rain like it is summer outside. That can lead to nothing good. True I wouldn't mind being stranded in the house for a few days, but I do have an alternate source of heat. It does not sound like it supposed to be so nice after the raining, like snow on top of ice.

Made a quick trip to Biz today. Karady seemed to be over her flu, and I forgot to get juice for her, and Tammy was going by herself, and I decided to ride with. LuLu of course had to go with, but she is such a good shopper. She really poured it on today in Walmart. She was waving to everyone, including the crackers, and the pop. WE had to stop so many times, because everyone had to see her and her beautiful eyes.

OK, I dress my kid like she is a girl. She looks like a girl. She had on a brown sweater, a long sleeved onsie with hearts all over it, and pink pants on. Some lady asked, oh how old is he. Or is it a she. HELLO. Pink pants!!

Got a few things for Nolan for Valentines day, and some cards and stuff for LuLU also. OH and I got a winter coat, puffy satiny pink, for $5.00. Hello even for an extra coat. $5.00. I got some fruit also, which on my eating healthier kick, or trying to, I needed to load up. Nolan got her the cutest white dog, with a red nose. My scrapbooking mind is whirling with ways to take pics with this dog.

My daycare lady is supposed to fly out to Hawii tomorrow. Yeah probably not. So LuLU will go between Tammi's and Bernice's. I will have a built in lunch spot with my good friend Tammi. YUMM.

Well everyone stay safe, and sound, and warm. I filled like 4 jugs of water just in case, and bought extra water for Karady's bottles. I also dug out my oil lantern, and know I have a ton of candles. I wonder if I can scrapbook by candlelight.

Well TTFN.



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