Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Arizona trip continuation

Well Karady finally decided to stop puking about 3 am. I had already checked out where we could take her if she wasn't getting any better. Neither one of us got much sleep. She was much better by morning, so we decided to stay with the original plan and make the trip to San Diego that day, then tour the next. That way Karady wouldn't be cooped up in a carseat very long. So we packed our bags and headed across the mountains over into California. It was a nice drive. We saw lots of sand and cactus. Those crazy people camp out in the sand dunes like we camp around the lake. Then they ride their SUV's and such around the sand all day. Instead of rolling hills, all you can see is rolling sand mounds. We drove very close to the border. ON the border there is a black fence to keep the two countries seperated, and I guess to keep the people contained on both sides. Of course not everyone abides by the rules, and therefore there are border patrol crawling the area as thick as flies.

So we arrived in San Diego and headed to our motel, which wasn't too far away from Sea World. It was late afternoon, and we decided to go eat on the ocean at Joe's Crab Shack. It was one of the places Nolan really wanted to try. Before we ate we walked down on the beach and got Karady's feet wet in the ocean. We also collected some sea shells. The sand was perfect. Soft and got into every part of your shoe. The oceaon was very cold. Some crazy people were surfing in the frigid water. Lots of people were running on the beach and rollerblading on the board walk. IF we would have had more time, I would have loved to walk out onto the pier.

We decided we better eat before it got too busy, so we did. It was beutiful looking out over the ocean. Karady charmed the waitresses and said hi to everyone who walked by. THe table had a whole in the center of it, in which a bucket was set into, and that where all your garbage was put. Nolan thought we could do that with our table at home. He had a bucket full of crab and other fish. He also got a bib to eat with. I had a fried platter, which included Calamari, which I had never had. It really had no taste, but was kind of rubbery. Everything was very good. I even had a drink with a gummy fish in it. we took home souveniers, some paid for, some not. The sun was setting on the Pacific ocean as we left, it was so beautiful.

Well Joe came back to visit Nolan after midnight. He had the runs numerous times, and then he finally threw up. After that he felt much better. Muriel also had both and ended up in bed the whole next day. She didn't even go to Sea World with us. Nolan was feeling like he could go with to Sea World so we found our way there. We saw so many neat things there. I got to touch a star fish and a bat ray, which is like the fish that killed the Australian guy, but these don't have barbs out the front of them. WE also saw the sea lion show and the Shamu show, which was the highlight of our stop. We stayed out of the splash zone. Karady watched the shows, but didn't pay too much attention. She liked to watch the pigeons the most. We bought some great souveniers and tried to take it all in. We didn't do any rides because Karady wasn't tall enough. WE walked I am sure 4 miles. Nolan was feeling tired, so Norris and I did the Arctic loop last near the end of the day while Nolan went to the van to rest. The whole visit was well worth it. Karady probably won't remember much of it, but I will. The neatest part was the sharks. You could walk under water through a tube, and they were all around you. By the time we were done it was getting to be closing time. It was a nice day, and Karady fell asleep in my arms as we left the park and were walking to the van. Since Muriel was sick we decided to stay another night in San Diego. Oh and it was not Shamu that killed the trainer in Florida. It was a different whale. All that happened 2 weeks after we were at Sea World, and they suspended shows for a while. I am so glad we got to see it.

Since we had the time, we decided to tour the air craft carrier Midway. Nolan really wanted to do it. It was neat. I am sure Nolan enjoyed it much more. It was hard to really see everything with a stroller, so we spent lots of time sitting and waiting for Daddy. We headed back to Arizona to relax and pack up our stuff. We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics, which was awesome.

Saturday we started out for the 2 1/2 hour drive back to the airport. We had lunch and then checked into the airport. After tearful goodbyes we got through security and waited to board. Once we did board it was very hot in the plane, until they could turn on the engines. The plane was packed on the way back also. Karady slept through take off again, and most of the flight. It was so sunny above the clouds, and then we had to descend into the dreary snow covered Tundra. Talk about culture shock. My brother picked us up at the airport and we had a wonderful supper made by Kristin, and Karady played with Taylor.

Sunday we left fairly early and met my parents in Bismarck to pick up the dogs. They were very happy to see us. It was Valentines day and we all went out for lunch at the ground round. Then it was time to go home and try to get back to normal.

On Monday the 15th of Feb. Karady went to Tammi's for the day. She went to play with Charlie again on the 16th, and then went to Bernice's for 3 days. Poor things schedule was all confused. She was very happy to get back to JoAnn's on Monday, and finally get back to normal.

We had a great trip and look forward to seeing Nolan's parents in the spring.



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