Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catch Up

I have gotten enough grief lately about not updating my blog so now it is time to play catch up. Hold on, here we go.

OK so Karady stayed at my moms house while Nolan and I went to Sturgis for the week. I took her to Richardton Aug. 1st and stayed overnight with her and left her there Aug. 2nd. She was very busy all week with the other daycare kids, but she was kind of a turd. No one else could sit on her grandmas lap or even be by her Grandma. She was very possessive. She also can fight for what she wants also. She did a little car jacking out of the cozy coupe when she decided she wanted to go in it. Poor Gracie didn't know what hit her when karady opened the door and pulled her out by the hair. Gracie is 2 years older than Karady. We called one to two times a day to talk to her, and she listend to our voices. Nolan was the one who always wanted to call to see what she was doing. I am sure Granma took lots of pictures.
Mom and Dad had plans on Sunday to go to Medora, so they met Paul and Tammi in Biz to pick up Lulu and the dogs to take them back to Linton for us. Karady went right to them, and knew who they were. They had lunch together, then they took Lulu home. They had dessert, before they left Bismarck at Olive Garden, and my cousin Jamie was in Olive Garden at the same time, and her little girl Jaycia, who is 2 months younger than karady, and goes to my mom's Daycare kept pointing and having a fit. She saw karady, and if she wouldn't have caused such a fit, Jaimie wouldn't have even known that Karady was there. Mom said that Jaycia and Karady checked out each others breakfast every morning.

Well they say what happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis. No we don't have much to tell. Besides missing our girl terribly, we had a good time. Good bonding time for Nolan and I since we had the cabin to ourselves almost the whole time. We left on Monday the 3rd of August, and made excellent time. Nolan's sister and family had come the the hills the day before, and it was great to spend time with them again. We rode the hills and ate at our favorite spots. The weather was perfect, not too hot. Sturgis was the same. Crazy and lots of good people watching. Ran into three people we knew on main in Sturgis, out of the 100,000 there that day. We met a lady who is on the test team with Nolan and our UPS man and his girlfriend. Our friend Jack and his girlfriend came down on Tuesday and stayed until Thursday. Sarah, jack's girlfriend was very reluctant to come, because she didn't want to go so some drunken rowdy biker rally. We are pretty tame, and we rarely go out at night. She had a good time, and I told her it all depends on the people you go with. And no we did not see Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, fall off the stage and break his shoulder and get a concussion at the Buffalo Chip concert. We also missed the hail in Sturgis and Deadwood that sent quite a few people to the ER when they were caught in it. We did eat a great buffet in Deadwood, and didn't even put a penny in the machines. We did manage to do the the needles highway twice. We took in the night lighting ceremony of MOunt Rushmore on Saturday. It is always so beautiful. It brings back my patriotism. We got very wet one day when we got caught in a shower. I was soaked and my boots had to be dried out with the hair dryer. It is so great riding in the hills in the open air. We did do Bear Country in the open air bus, and we had the best driver who gave us a wealth of info. He also let us feed the while buffalo, and it was my best trip through ever. I got the souviners I wanted and had a great time. I was anxious to get back home to my baby.

We made awesome time home when we got behind a group of Harley's doing 90. We took off our leathers and went to get Karady. She went right to Nolan, but didn't want me at all. I was so disappointed. She cried when ever I wanted to hold her. She was punishing me for leaving her. So we went home and she was very tired, so she took a nap, and I thought it would be better. Nope. When she woke up she cried when she seen me. I fed her and she was very quiet. Then she started warming up and we went outside, and she got back to her old self. I cried. I just couldn't take it. i was looking so forward to going home, and then she didn't want me. It is scary to think at that age how quickly they forget you. She caught a little cold while we were gone, and has been cranky with teeth.

Well the biting has not gotten much better. She bit 3 kids in one day last week. She is also teething. This week she didn't bite a once, well JoAnn caught her anyway. JoAnn has baby kitty's at her house and they are so damned cute. Karady loves them. She has been very clingy and crabby all week. Also she doesn't take much for naps, so she is very crabby after we get home. I keep her up so she goes to bed early and we try to spend our evenings outside to wear her out and keep her occupied.

Summer is really winding down now. I am picking cucumbers, and zucchini. The tomatoes are not ripining yet, but I can't wait!! I know the pool will be closing, so no more swimming. We didn't even get to use her new floatie. It was too cold when she was in Richardton to go. School will start in less than a week, and there are lots of changes going on at work. We are waiting for the official retirement date of my boss. Big party at my house when the date is set. I was pretty swamped at work with backlogged work, and new billing when I got back, but now I am pretty well caught up. Nolan has been very busy with city council meetings, and flood meetings, and rural water meetings. We got a very nice letter from a medic in the airforce who had a motorcycle/deer accident on 1804 the weekend I was in Richardton. He was very impressed with the care he and his wife received and said that he didn't expect that out of a small town, and said it was the best care he had ever had.

Well I hope I have caught myself up.




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