Saturday, April 11, 2009

And again??

It seems our nice weather has brought flood woes again. We drove around tonight, and the water seems like if could cross over highway 13 again. Can you believe it. It seems some people have started sandbagging again. I would guess that is will crest tomorrow, or the next day, plus we are predicted to have rain again this week. We dye eggs today. LEss than a dozen, so it went very fast. Karady got a very cute easter basket from Tammi, and an cute outfit from Tyler. I do miss my family when they are all together, and I can't be there. We are planning on attending church in the morning. Karady is wearing a purple dress. She got some new barettes from Tammi, I am hoping she will leave them in. Then I am making San Francisco pork chops. OK I know, not the typical Easter dinner, but I didn't want to do a lot of work. I want a nice relaxing day, with my family. I will post pictures after the easter bunny comes to our house, and after church. Happy Easter.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Bunny said it's Palm Sunday.

Karady, I and the pups went to Richardton this weekend so I could scrapbook with my mom again for a few hours. Karady did well on the way home, as did the dogs. Mom made homemade pizza, and it was so good. Karady was glad to get out and run around. She has gotten so LOUD lately. Ear piercing shreiks come out of her mouth often.

The plan was for Jodi to watch Karady while mom and I scrapbooked. I was a little worried, since she doesn't do real well with people she is not around alot. WE got to Jodi's after we ate out at a very good BBQ place for my dad's birthday. She was voicing her opinion very loudly there, and there was another little girl in the restaurant that was answering her back.

Before we ate we went to Walmart to do a little shopping. WE found out the Easter Bunny was there, and they give you a picture for free. So we got her picture taken, and she wasn't scared at all. We found out later that the Easter Bunny is a relative of my moms!! We left her at Jodi's and she did good. Jodi said she had her moments, but played and ate for her, then went to sleep. I was glad she didn't cry the whole time.

We went to church today and I was a little worried about the sound level of my little girl. SHe did well. Everyone thought she was so cute. I put a very cute jean dress on her I bought a long time ago. Then before we left for home, she opened her Easter gifts from my mom and day, and we took pictures with the palms.

Well the left lower lateral incisor popped through, so that makes 5 teeth. She also stood up by the couch today totally by herself.

We had a wonderful weekend. I was glad to get home on time, which as you recall I didn't do two weeks ago during the flood.

My bosses wife who has colon cancer is in the hospital, and she is not doing well. Pray she is kept comfortable, and pain free. Well Karady is awfully quiet, so I have to see what she is in to.



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