Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunny Days

It was an extremely nice weekend. WE got outside all day yesterday. I was working in my flower beds. I took a blanket and put Karady on it, thinking she wouldn't like the grass, and stay there. Of course I was wrong. She was all over, so I had to go around and pick up all the dog poop so she wouldn't put it in her mouth. She was all over the yard! She was putting rocks in my planters, and helped daddy plant a shrub. She love it. WE blew bubbles later, but didn't get very good pictures. We look forward to many more days. Man was she dirty. I must remember to put old socks on her whenwe go out. She stands up by everything now. It won't be long, and she will be walking.

Oh 2 weeks ago Karady bit at Daycare. Just the little girls shirt. She has done that to us before also. She is starting to get one of her two front teeth. Thank GOD, she won't be fang girl forever. She has got a snotty nose and a cough with her teething. Kind of cranky also.

I got spring fever and started washing up her summer stuff. Good lord she has clothes. I just love shopping for her.




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