Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now we're MOvin'

Last night Lulu took the most steps ever!! She walked from her firetruck in the dining room into the kitchen and then into the hall. SHe is doing less scooting and more walking, touching things as she goes. We praise her so much and she claps.
We are busy preping to go to the lake tomorrow. I am praying for some warmer weather then they are predicting. We are taking the car, so we will be packed tight. And you have to bring so many different clothes when it might be cool, or it might be a little warmer, plus all of LULU's stuff.
Last Sunday we went to the pool. WE were the only ones there for quite a while. She was in her floatie in the big pool, and the lifeguards had the music cranked. She was boppin her head to the music and the life guards got a kick out of that. SHe loves the water; I hope that continues.
Having a wonderful day at work today, no BOSS= Whoo PEE!!!

Well TTFN.



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