Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pooh happens

Well we have had our baby girl for nearly 8 months now, with baths every other night. You do the math, because I am not very good at addition, but that is a lot of baths. I was thinking to myself that I can't believe that she hasn't pooped in the bath tub. Well the grand event happened today. I was bathing her, and I thought the water was getting pretty murkey. Sure enough there were little floaters. I looked at some of her toys, a blue dolphing in particular, and there was pooh on its tail. So out she came to the back of the real tub, (she still sits in her baby tub) and I dumped the brown/green pooh water down the drain, and she got another bath in the big tub. She wanted to touch her toys, and got mad when I wouldn't let her touch them. She liked sitting under the faucet and playing with the water. So after she was all dressed and cleaned, I took the trusty antibacterial wipes and gave her toys a bath.

Oh and she went to bed at 5:30 last night, and didn't wake up until 8 this morning. She must be growing . She really gets all of the kitchen. She was by the garbage cupboard while I was cleaning out the fridge, and before I know it, she was helping me. She does not like to have things taken away from her. She gets very mad.

Welcome Cassie to the wonderful world of blogs. I read your blog and it totally sounds like you.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

2nd coming

Well it's official, the second central incisor has pushed it's way into the world. And as you can see, I even got a picture. She woke up with bright red cheeks. Even her nose was red. Dosed up with Tylenol again, because she was kind of crabby today. We went to church, because it was UMW sunday, and the ladies did the service. She was so good, but she is getting more vocal in church. I then had a meeting after, and she was so good. I am working on her Lifebook. It is hard, and I need to put more feelings on paper, as well as the facts.



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