Thursday, September 3, 2009


There are a lot of changes going on our lives now.

First, and the greatest change is my boss finally retired. It is a good thing. It was time. I really don't think it has set in yet. We also may have a replacement from the area. That would be awesome. Ross and I have been doing it alone for the last year anyway, and tripping over a nonproductive body, so the differance won't be much. Just a few more days of call for a while. Pray this new prospect works out. The keggar date will be announced later.

Second, the coming of fall is starting. I love the fall. We are visiting the pumpkin patch on the 13th of this month, which is also grandparents day. We are meeting family so it should be fun again. I am letting some of my pots dry up. I guess I lose interest right about now. The harvest of tomatoes and peppers will start.

Third, LULU is learning more every day. She forgets nothing. She is into everything. I cannot stop her from palying in the dog food. She is getting scrapes and bumps every day. Oh what a joy.

We had a rummage sale last Friday and we got rid of a lot of stuff. I put out Karady's clothes, and only a few went. I told NOlan maybe this was a sign. He just gave me the look. It feels good to purge of stuff, and make more room for more. There is never enough storage space.

My parents are coming down overnight this weekend. My dad has to work Monday, and they have a wedding Friday, so the will be down Saturday and go home Sunday. They will be delivering part of Karady's xmas present. She is getting the Anniversary Edition of the little Tykes Cozy Coupe. I am so excited for her. She is going to love it. Now she won't have to go car jacking any more. They are also taking home a dresser for my sister that they bought on the rummage sale.

Well that's all.




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