Friday, January 9, 2009

Chomper Alert

OK there are many good things about Daycare.

First they give children a social setting in which your kids to learn.

Second with todays economy who can afford not to have to work, and then you need someone to take care of your precious ones.

Third, without my Daycare I probaby would not have noticed the one to two little bumps trying to fight their way into little LuLu's mouth. Yes I think we have a tooth siting. She continues to have rosy red cheeks much of the time, drool, and chew on her fingers. Just when we thought she wouldn't have a red butt, when I changed her, her but was very red. My baby is growing so fast.

SHe doesn't like poking around in her mouth now, and of course we want to keep checking them. I hope she doesn't get crabby for the sitter tomorrow night. SHe is going to a party with us tomorrow afternoon.

Well TTFN.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snowy Day

Last night I was late from work, and Daycare kept the peanut for me late. When I got there she was sleeping, and DC said she was like a different kid. She has finally adjusted back to her old self. We are going to Sannes' for ribs and kraut tonight, as DH has a Fire meeting. SHe will stay with a paid sitter for only the second time on Sat. for the fireman's ball. She is really showing signs of stranger anxiety. I went to help a neighbor 2 nights ago, and took her with, and she cried a lot when I put her down, because she didn't recognize the place. I still don't think she likes her cereal, because most times she clamps her mouth shut and I have to make her laugh, and then quick shove it in.

She is due for her flu shot tomorrow, so I can get it any time. We are going to try to do it when we go up for her SSN. Still has a little cough, but that is getting better. Hates to have her nose sucked out, and is a very strong little girl.

Saw a friends baby for the first time today. Her name is Kennedy and I dream they will be friends and go to school together. Her mom is only one day older than me. Kennedy is only 19 days old; about the age when we got to bring Karady home. I don't remember her being that small. She fills my lap now, and is so very active. I told the baby's mom that she never like the swing, and she said you better keep it, maybe she still will. I laughed and told her not likely since she would try to climb out of it, and she sits on her own.

Well TTFN.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

7 months old today.

Well the big girl turned 7 months today. She continues to have a little cold, but she is not miserable. I called to get our statement for taxes today from the Village. She is also due and can have her second flu shot on Friday. WE have to send in copies of our drivers licence in to get her birth certificate. Then we can go get to and get her social security number. I took the cowards way out and wrote BM a letter and send it on Friday about the name issue. Do what you gotta do. She had a awful day at daycare yesterday being out for so long. Hopefully today was better. It feels like yesterday that I took her 6 month pictures. We are going to try green beans tonight. SHe has been eating regullarly solid food for a month exactly.



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