Friday, March 6, 2009

More Milestones at 9 months.

It was a pretty uneventful long day, except I noticed that LuLU had cut through her upper right lateral incisor. That would be the one next to your middle tooth and your eye tooth. I think it is an odd place to break one through without the middles, but I guess they have a mind of their own, as does my darling daughter any more.

She was up until 10:30 tonight. I finally held her with her nook and she finally went down. I had tried numerous times to put her in her crib by herself, but each time she would be sitting up and crying and her nook would be tossed across the room. Another new trick of hers. So I would take her out and hand her off to her dad. Yes it is time to move the mattress down a few notches, because she has shown great interest in pulling herself up. I don't want her taking a header out of the crib.

Today she actually crawled a little bit, instead of scooted. She had a wonderful day at Daycare and is so well taken care of there. She is eating all sorts of new foods like ham, noodles, pudding and cottage cheese. I won't be buying baby food anymore because she is very independent when she eats.

Well I have to pack for scrapbooking tomorrow. She has Amber coming to watch her, and Nolan has class. Then we will go to Bismarck for my birthday and eat chinese.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Baby

BH - Before Header and happy.

Notice to the left all the snow on her suit.
It was a beautiful day here today. As I was driving home from Daycare the Scrapbooking in me said hey, let's go outside and take some snow pictures. SO I bundled LuLU up in her little fleece snowsuit and grabbed a blanket and the camera of course. I dug the sled out of the snow bank and put her in it. I placed the sled on a slope and poor LuLu did a header into the snow. She did not like that. When I told Nolan about it he asked if I took pictures of it, and I said no I wasn't that mean to leave her face buried in the snow, while I snapped pictures. So I thought, hey let pull the sled a little. She hasn't quite figured out she needs to hang yet, and she did another header into the snow. Poor girl.!! So I put her on her blanket and onto the snow. Then I put a little snow in her hand and she tasted it. She made such a funny face. Then she was getting tired, so we went in. I got some great shots. We are in the shadow of the house, so I didn't have to worry about the sun.

We started meats on Tuesday. LuLU was at Tammi's and Charlie was eating deli ham, so I gave her some, and she did well. She is becoming very independent with her eating, and does excellent with the sippy cup.

I got a call from SUe from the Village in Fargo, and the BM is wanting a visit. SO next Friday we will go and see her after Karady's Dr's appointment.

I will post pictures later tonight of our snow escapades. We had a lot of fun!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A little more Every Day

Nolan had a Dr's apptoinment for his ear on Thursday. Last year Fiectner suggested going to Minneapolis to see a specialist. Nothing was every persued. This year Nolan asked about it again, and come to find out Fiectner forgot to set it up last year. WE are scheduled to travel the end of April for a consult and surgery. I haven't been there for quite a few years. I am looking forward to going outlet shopping for Karady. It will be a nice little vacation for our family. And best of all Nolan has the chance to improve his hearing from 40% to 75% in his right ear.

We had a wonderful weekend with the Sannes'. It went by much too fast. Got like 5 pages scrapbooked, and ate some great food. Tammi I had 2 helpings of Ziti for supper SUnday, it really is good. The boys had lots of fun with the boys, and she was very good.

She is getting very independent with her eating. It is such a nightmare to try to feed her baby food lately. She picks up food so well herself, I try to give her more and more chunked food she can feed herself. She cruises along pretty well by scooting around. She also gets on her knees a lot and I am sure soon she will be standing.

She went back to regular Daycare today. She had a little anxiety, but she did well. She got a cute little dress from JoAnn, direct from Hawaii. Joann thought she had grown, and was amazed at how well she gets around.

LuLu is cutting the right eyetooth know. I think that is quite odd that she wouldn't cut the ones in the middle first, but I guess it is not unusual. So of course she has a snotty nose and her cheeks and nose are bright red.

We are planning a day in Bismarck to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. We will probably meet my parents and go out to eat. 37 already, what a year. LuLU will be 9 months on Friday. She has spent as much time outside, as she did inside her BM.

WEll TTFN, john and kate are coming on.



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