Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tip Toe Thru the Tulips

Yesterday after I picked up LuLu from Daycare, we took some photos by my tulips. They get bigger and better every year. I picked one for her and she procedded to rip it apart, and tried to eat it. It was so beautiful. Today it is cool and windy. I heard Bob's photo is having a contest for spring, and I got a few really good ones from this photo shoot, and I have contemplated entering a few.

Watched the spring to remember on KFYR tonight. They had footage from all the cities that got flooded. Saw Nolan again from the footage, and we decided we should get the tape from KFYR. WE lived through it, and it would be a good souvenier.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hello all. We had an outstanding today. Yesterday we went to visit Great Grandma Dorothy for her 97th birthday, one day late. I mad an angel food cake and she enjoyed watching Karady get around all over. Her memory and health are very poor.Janenne and Don, Nolan's aunt and Uncle came from Billings, and I had them over for supper saturday. I make chicken and stuffing in the crockpot, strawberry spinich salad and crock pot chocolate cake. Janenne got the recipes for all of the dishes. THey must have been good.

WE met my sister Jodi, Eric and Dylan, and my mom and dad at Red Lobster today. WE got in before the rush. We had a great lunch. THen off we went to Menards and found some nice perennials and annuals. Nolan left with my dad to go see Star Trek while we went flower shopping. THen we went to Plant Perfect and down to Party America to get a few things for the big birthday party that will occur in less than a month. I think I have the menu finalized. Then we went to Runnings to find some vege plants. I just love flower shopping with my mom. WE try to make is a yearly tradition. The plants were so very nice. I wish I had unlimited funds for this kind of shopping. I could go crazy. Karady was so good. We put her in the stroller and she just sat there, as good as gold. SHe would nap when we drove, and could not have been better. Of course we ran out of time and Nolan got out of the movie after 2 hours. HE said it was very good. My dad went car shopping and found an UPlander he seems to like. I am sure that will be a purchase for them very soon. We met dad and NOlan at Kmart and I was going to climb up into the back of the truck, and I sprained my foot. It hurt so bad I thought I broke it. I hobbled to the car and took some Ibuprofin. By the time I got home, it felt better and I was able to limp on it. Thank goodness. I really don't want to be out of commision. WE had leftover chicken and soup and played outside for a little bit. Nolan is snoozing now, and Karady is playing before she has to go to bed. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Thank you NOlan for the CM coverset from Karady, and of course thank you lord for answering our prayers with the beautiful Baby girl. My sister sent me a lovely card, thanks Kris, with pictures of the Kids. I had a nice surprise when we got home; some cute Karen Foster stickers and some matching paper from Tammi for my first mother's day. Karady bought her second mom Tammi some stuff too, so she will get a blated Mother's Day gift. Thanks Tammi, love the stuff.
The BM called me before we left to wish me a Happy MOther's day. She is very excited about the scrapbook she it doing of Karady. I am glad I suggested it. SHe called me because she doesn't have much contact with her own mother, and she said she was thinking of me today.
I hope to get pictures posted with some of my older posts soon. I screwed up and reformated my card and lost a huge amount of pictures. Luckily I had uploaded 99% of them to York recently, otherwise I would have been so pissed. I retook the ones I didn't upload today with my flowers from karady from Daycare, and the ones with Grandma.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their mothers, or thoughts of their mothers, or with their children. My first one was unforgettable!!!!!!!!!!!



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