Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doin the two step

Well on June 23rd Karady took her first steps, just two of them. Nolan said that he saw them first, pushing the little popcorn popper, but I say I saw them first after supper. She has been standing alone for short periods of time since about the 15th of June. So now I "force" her to try to walk more, but she is still very unsure.
She also has learned High Five. Not sure where, who knows. She will do up high and down low also. She just giggles.
As I have probably blogged, she got her pictures taken last Friday, and we picked them up yesterday, which by the way was one year since we picked up our little baby girl. Oh what a journey. I wouldn't change a thing. Anyway her pictures are ablsolutely georgeous. going to be so hard to pick. I will try to scan a few to post. WE get them done by Morgan's Memories. Her number is 223-9769. Tell her I sent you and I can get credit. Her email is morgansmemories@hotmail.com. If you use the referrel program you get 10% off your sitting fee, and I get 8 free wallets. Let me know if you are interested, I can hook you up. She is reasonable and you get to keep all your proofs. Bonus, for us scrapbookers.
SO yesterday we celebrated by going to the zoo. It rained on us almost the whole time and we spent a good amount of time in the stinky monkey house waiting for the rain to pass. Karady seemed to enjoy the zoo. Karady fed the goats, and the horse with the nasty teeth tried to get her finger. Of course as Nolan always says, Next year will be funner. I told him to stop wishing her life away. Nolan and his dad went to a movie, transformer 2 and Muriel and I traveled way north of Bismarck to the Luck's house to visit with Karady's Foster family. They live in a georgeous house, and were so happy to see here again. They celebrated her adoption day with us in December, but we only spoke for a short period of time. I put on the adorable dress they sent her for her birthday. karady is still kind of shy and kind of hung around me and Muriel. Tricia's parents were also there, and they enjoyed seeing her again. Tricia does daycare for her nieces, and the little girl who is 6 months older that LULu is named Taylour Lou, and they call her LULU too. I laughed. They also told me they nick named Karady Ray Ray while she was there, which we also call her sometimes. We had a wonderful visit, and I told Karady when we left she is very lucky to have had such a wonderful family for the short 17 days she was with them. They have 2 other foster children now, and Karady was just their 2nd. Thanks to the Luck's for starting our baby out right.

Well TTFN. i will try to get caught up on pics.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sand between my toes

Well it was a big weekend for us, second only to the big birthday bash.

It started out on Friday with pictures, which are going to be so dam adorable. Lulu did very well. Only took about an hour. They were very fun. I would highly recommend Morgan's Memories. I can give you the info if you want it. Tell her I sent you, so I can get credit. Then we had shots and a Dr. check up. Lulu weighs 22 lb, 2 oz. and is 30 1/2 inches. She is slimming down, but still very tall for her age. She got 4 shots, and luckily they had 2 nurses for this. Then we saw the BM. Well I have to say I am sure it was eye opening for Norris and Muriel. This goes to show that Environment wins over Genetics. Karady was cranky towards the BM, and didn't want to be held by her. Don't think she was very happy about that. But otherwise we had a good visit. We then waited for Nolan to get to Bismarck and then we took off on the bike to Richardton. Karady went with Gma and Gpa back home.

We took off quite late the next day on the bike, but it was great to sleep in. We went up thru Killdeer to Watford, thru New Town, Garrison, and then back home on 83. My butt was very sore, but the ride was nice. WInd could have been a little quieter. Gma and Gpa kept Karady up until we got home, and they were waiting in the stroller for us at the end of the block. She gave us a funny look when she saw us in our helmets. She was glad we were home and didn't go to bed until 10:30. we had friends over for a fire that night, drank a few beers, and had a nice night.

Went to church on Sunday, and Nolan opened up the Storybook I made for him, from Karady. He told me I have too much time on my hands. It turned out very cute. I know he appreciated it. It was written by Karady. Then the guys constructed her sandbox and put up her swing. Note to Nolan, get eyebolts so your daughter doesn't go flying off the swing, in her swing. She loves the swing, and the sand. Nolan says No sand outside the sandbox. he told me I have to be firm with her on that. I just rolled my eyes at him. We had coctails and snacks on the deck, ate supper and Lulu who had only a 45 minute nap was in bed by 7:30. What a great weekend. I will post pics later.




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