Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back together!

WE finally have our life back together. Our baby is back home, and lovin every minute of it. DOn't get me wrong she enjoyed Nana's house, but she would much rather be home. When we arrived home she played with all of her toys like they were brand new again. We are so happy to be together again. It was a rough 2 weeks. I did get quite a bit done (not everything) but I still would rather have Karady home. I got to scrapbook uninterupted, and Nolan worked on his models. I had to warn him when we got to Temvik so he could Karady proof the house. She gets to play at Charlies for two days this week, home two days, and then at Kathy's for one. WE then go back to daycare again, thank GOD.

Karady learned lots at Nana's. She got a huge start on potty training, she learned to cut paper, and she learned to get in big trouble with her cousin Dylan. Karady has princess pullups and we don't like to get the Princesses wet, or make the jewels on them do away. Yeah that only works for so long. I have read a few articles on training, and I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the hardest things I have had to do. They have their own little minds and they will do what they will. Lemon poppyseed bread crumbled all over the kitchen does not make Nana happy. Especially when said bread is supposed to go to church the next day. LOL.

As many of you know the end of the year was very ugly for us. My washer quit, there was the flood, my car got new brakes, and Nolans truck had work on the 4 wheel drive. Well I thought the new year would be better; yeah no such luck. My car is losing antifreeze and Nolan's truck is leaking transmisson fluid. I am strapped now, and really can't do a car payment and just hanging on to a thread hoping my car can be fixed for a small amount. Do I put in more money? Do I have a choice? Do I put in a new motor? Is it worth it?? The jury is still out on the truck. Not sure what is up with it. Hopefully something simple. Pray that it is, or we are going to have to get the bikes out!! Time will tell.

IT is finally warmer here, but warm weather brings very icy conditions. I am sure we are not finished with snow yet.

WE recently started a Garden club in Linton. I am very excited about it. I love to absorb information of all kinds on gardenening. One more meeting to attend a month, but it is very exciting for me. More to come on that.

Well TTFN.



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