Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hi all, we have wonderful weather here today. I got called in and so I took Karady strollin and took her with. She loved it. I put on her new purple coat from her BM. Which by the way we had a visit with yesteday. She is doing good. Tammi went to Bismarck with me for company. We always have a great time. She had an eyeopening experience. NOlan couldn't leave town because ROger is gone. Karady is doing good. She is 20 p0ounds and 29 1/2 inches. 95% across the board. She is saying up, not sure if that is short for pup or what. She went scrapbooking with me until her daddy was done with his class. She had a good time. Plays very well and everyone enjoyed seeing her. Nolan said she went right to sleep when she got home, and slept until 8. SHe loves to laugh at herself. She continues to kneel by stuff, and soon she will be pulling herself up. She still continues to scoot all over the place instead of crawl, but she is still quick. She also says Mama most of the time. alternating with dada and up. Also baba.

Well heres to a wonderful day with my family.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Movin Down

Well it was a sad, sad day in our house today. I broke down and had to move the crib mattress down quite a few notches. I would not move it to the last hole, so I settled for the second to last one. Then I stood her in her crib with the side rail up, and that seems to be good. She would have to be superwomen to get out now. It means my baby is getting bigger. I remember thinking last summer what the winter would be like, and what she would be doing, and how fun it was going to be. She has exceeded my expectations, and when she lays her head on my chest when she is tired, my heart warms. I cannot imagine never being able to experience these things. Damn, now I need a tissue. Water works.

We played on the floor tonight after her bath and played clean up, clean up. That was of course after her bath. She was in the tub and somehow flopped forward onto her stomach, and then disrtessingly cried out "Ma ma ma ma". I believe that is a first. She must know her mama will help her out in a pinch. I also accidentally scratched her in the head also tonight,( yea I know way to go), and she did it again. She also says UP, but just randomly.

In my earlier post I forgot to mention the very cute bunny welcome sign I got from Cassie and Kameron. Thanks guys!! I love that stuff!!

We heard Carrington Ambulance rolled by mile marker 331 on I94 near Casselton about 3 am this morning. It had rained and they were transporting a patient that was not doing well. It was icey and I am sure they were in a hurry, and they rolled 2 times. The patient did not make it and the Paramedic in the back is having spine issues from the waist down, but does have some feeling. He is in MN getting rods put in his spine. Pray for him and his crew, and the patient please. That is oh so scarey to think about flying around in the back of a rig as it rolls. WE have had a few close calls with ours, such as going in the ditch and Nolan also required stitches because the driver had to stop fast, and he flew against the cabinets. Gettysburg, SD rolled one near Linton quite a few years ago, and we responded to them, and I remember feeling the dread of losing a patient because of an accident.

Speaking of crappy roads, anyone who has to travel tomorrow please be careful. WE are in the 5 to 8 inch area. I hope this is the last storm. It wouldn't be so bad if I could stay home, but I am out of vacation, and the hospital is always open.

Well it is late. Karady went to bed at 10:30 again, and now is my turn.


Post Birthday

Thank you to everyone the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day with family, and eating, and great gifts. I got a new bag for my cricut, 2 certificats to the salon, money, a Target Gift card, and Nolan plopped Karady down on my lap and said Happy Birhthday, here is your gift. I laughed and said, Oh the gift that keeps giving. How true. Oh and today I got a beach towel from pam, which I needed because Karady does not have one yet.

The weather is frightful outside, and more to come I hear. Hope all of you have safe travel today. The end is near, but you can't see it, because there is a blizzard right now.

Did I mention I hate the time change. NOt so much when I didn't have kids, but defiantely now. How do you get a 9 month old to go to bed on time when it is not that time. SHe was up until 10:30 new time last night. Makes for a short night for both of us.

I stocked up on fruits and veges in Bismarck yesterday. All canned. No baby food. She protests baby food any more, and I won't fight with her. She is a very independent eater. I just hope she is getting enough to eat when she feeds herself. Last night on top of fruit and veges, she ate a whole piece of toast, minus a few pieces in the seat of her high chair.

Well lunch time.




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