Friday, October 22, 2010


Just last week Karady starting asking "WHY??" I have to stop my self from saying "Because I said so." This morning she said "I want to stay home". I told her oh honey we can't, mommy has to work so she can buy you hotdogs and noodles! She kind of gave me a funny look.

It is a georgous day out there today. Norris and Muriel took off this past Tuesday. We will miss them. It hasn't seemed to phase Ray too much. She asks about them every once in a while. Like if she wants someone, beside me to do something for her, then their names come up. I think she is teething, because she has her fingers in her mouth frequently. She bit at daycare again yesterday, but went potty 2 times for JoAnn. She goes when it is convient for her. I think I am going to start a sticker chart. We have been doing M & M's for treats when she goes, but then when I say treat, she acts like a dog and crawls around on the floor. She is so funny. Maybe I need to call them snacks.

I think we might try to go to the Playoff game tomorrow for football. It will be in the afternoon. I will see if I can get her down for an early nap.

Next week it looks like the weather is going to really change. Highs in the 30's and rain and snow. We don't have much to complain about though, because we have had a great fall. We have a dermatology appointment next Thursday, so hopefully it won't be too bad. I have to get some halloween treats for the trick or treaters. Karady is going as a flower this year. WE weren't sure we were going to be around for it, but Nolan doesn't have to go to Spearfish now, so we will be home.

Well I will update again soon.




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